2023: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

03/24: Buffalo, NY

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/20: Boston, MA

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/18: State College, PA

Soundcheck: The Ties That Bind, Hungry Heart

03/16: Philadelphia, PA

Notes: First show back after three postponed shows due to "illness"

Soundcheck: Nightshift, No Surrender

03/07: Milwaukee, WI

Soundcheck: Death to My Hometown

03/05: St. Paul, MN
Soundcheck: No Surrender, Pay Me My Money Down, Working on the Highway

03/02: Denver, CO

Soundcheck: My Hometown

02/27: Seattle, WA
Soundcheck Unknown

Notes: Curtis King Absent

02/25: Portland, OR

Soundcheck: Burnin' Train

Notes: Curtis King Absent, Land of Hope and Dreams setlisted again, but not played 

02/21: Tulsa, OK

Soundcheck: Unknown

Notes: Land of Hope and Dreams was on the original setlist in place of Badlands. Longest show of the tour so far. 

02/18: Kansas City, MO

Soundcheck: Unknown

Notes: Jake Clemons not present with COVID

02/16: Austin, TX

Soundcheck: Unknown

Notes: Jake Clemons not present with COVID, George Strait introduces the band 

02/14: Houston, TX

Soundcheck: Unknown

Notes: Nils Lofgren not present with COVID

02/10: Dallas, TX

Soundcheck: Prove it all Night, Don't Play That Song

Notes: Soozie and Steve not present with COVID 

02/07: Hollywood, FL

Soundcheck: Unknown 

Notes: Soozie not present with COVID

02/05: Orlando, FL

Soundcheck: Cadillac Ranch

02/03: Atlanta, GA

Soundcheck: My Hometown, House of a Thousand Guitars, No Surrender, Thunder Road

02/01: Tampa, FL

Soundcheck: Burnin' Train