2024: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

06/12: Madrid, Spain

Soundcheck: Seeds, Something in the Night, Frankie Fell in Love, My City of Ruins, Letter to You

05/22: Sunderland, UK

Soundcheck: None

05/19: Dublin, Ireland

Soundcheck: Reason to Believe, Johnny 99, Lonesome Day, Prove it all Night, Backstreets

05/16: Cork, Ireland

Soundcheck: You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch), Youngstown, Frankie Fell in Love, Darkness on the Edge of Town

05/12: Kilkenny, Ireland

Pre-Show: This Hard Land (Acoustic)

05/09: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Soundcheck: This Hard Land, Seeds, Power of Prayer (Piano Intro Only), I'm Goin' Down

05/05: Cardiff, Wales

Soundcheck (Day Before): A Rainy Night in SoHo, Lonesome Day, So Young and In Love, Frankie Fell in Love, Janey Needs a Shooter, If I Was The Priest 

04/21: Columbus, OH

Soundcheck: Youngstown, Streets of Fire, I'm Goin' Down

04/18: Syracuse, NY

Soundcheck: Lonesome Day, Darlington County

04/15: Albany, NY

Soundcheck: Adam Raised a Cain, Downbound Train, Candy's Room

04/12: Uncasville, CT

Soundcheck: I'm on Fire

04/07: Inglewood, CA

Soundcheck: Human Touch, The Ghost of Tom Joad, American Skin (41 Shots), Johnny 99, Open All Night

04/04: Inglewood, CA

Soundcheck: Fire, Tougher Than The Rest, Boom Boom, Human Touch, Trapped

03/31: San Francisco, CA

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/28: San Francisco, CA 

Soundcheck: Atlantic City, Land of Hope and Dreams, I'm on Fire, Lonesome Day

03/25: San Diego, CA 

Soundcheck: Lucky Town, Jackson Cage, My City of Ruins

03/22: Las Vegas, NV

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/18: Phoenix, AZ

Soundcheck:  Unkown 

2023: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

09/03/23: East Rutherford, NJ

Soundcheck: None

09/01/23: East Rutherford, NJ

Soundcheck: Spirit in the Night; 4th of July, Sandy (Asbury Park); The Ties That Bind

08/30/23: East Rutherford, NJ

Soundcheck: No Surrender, Lonesome Day, Sherry Darling, Blinded By The Light, Atlantic City

08/26/23: Foxbourough, MA

Soundcheck: Jackson Cage, Two Hearts, Lonesome Day

08/24/23: Foxborough, MA

Soundcheck: No Surrender, Letter to You

08/11/23: Chicago, IL


08/09/23: Chicago, IL

Soundcheck: No Surrender, Rosalita, Human Touch

07/25/23: Monza, Italy

Soundcheck: None

07/23: Munich, Germany

Soundcheck: Unknown

07/21: Hockenheim, Germany 

Soundcheck: Unknown 

07/18: Vienna, Austria 

Soundcheck: None

07/15: Hamburg, Germany

Soundcheck: None

07/13: Copenhagen, Denmark

Soundcheck: None

07/11: Copenhagen, Denmark

Soundcheck: No Surrender, Prove it all Night

07/08: London, UK

Soundcheck: None

07/06: London, UK

Soundcheck: None

07/02: Oslo, Norway

07/02: Oslo, Norway

Soundcheck: None

06/30: Oslo, Norway

Soundcheck: None

06/28: Gothenburg, Sweden

Soundcheck: None

06/26: Gothenburg, Sweden

Soundcheck: Racing in the Street, Better Days

06/24: Gothenburg, Sweden

Soundcheck: Land of Hope and Dreams, Racing in the Street, Better Days, Lucky Town

06/21: Dusseldorf, Germany

Soundcheck: The Ties That Bind, Land of Hope and Dreams, The Price You Pay

06/18: Werchter, Belgium 

Soundcheck: None

06/16: Birmingham, UK

Soundcheck: Leap of Faith, Prove it all Night

06/13: Zurich, Switzerland


06/11: Landgraaf, The Netherlands

Soundcheck: The E Street Shuffle, Prove it all Night

05/30: Edinburgh, UK

Soundcheck: None

05/27: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Soundcheck: Unknown

05/25: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Soundcheck: My Love Will Not Let You Down, No Surrender, Nightshift, Candy's Room

05/21: Rome, Italy

Soundcheck: None

05/18: Ferrara, Italy

Soundcheck: None

05/15: Paris, France

Soundcheck: Unknown

05/13: Paris, France

Soundcheck: Unknown

05/09: Dublin, Ireland

Soundcheck: Racing in the Street, The Ties That Bind, This Hard Land, Something in the Night

Notes: Original Planned Setlist had "The Ties That Bind" in the opener spot, "Racing in the Street" in the main set, and "Jungleland" to open the encores. None of which happened. 

05/07: Dublin, Ireland

Soundcheck: Darkness on the Edge of Town, My Love Will Not Let You Down, Death to My Hometown

05/07: Dublin, Ireland

Soundcheck: Land of Hope and Dreams

04/30: Barcelona, Spain

Soundcheck: My Love Will Not Let You Down, I'm Goin' Down, Lucky Town

04/28: Barcelona, Spain

Soundcheck: Human Touch, Mary's Place, Mansion on the Hill

04/14: Newark, NJ 

Soundcheck: Local Hero, Jersey Girl

04/11: Elmont, NY 

Soundcheck: The Ties That Bind, Mary's Place, I'm Goin' Down, Born in the U.S.A.

04/09: Elmont, NY

Soundcheck: Unknown

04/07: Baltimore, MD

Soundcheck: Hugnry Heart, Lucky Town, Nightshift 

04/05: Cleveland, OH

Soundcheck: Atlantic City, My Love Will Not Let You Down, Bobby Jean

04/03: Brooklyn, NY

Soundcheck: Unknown

04/01: New York, NY
Soundcheck: Jungleland

03/29: Detroit, MI

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/27: Washington, DC

Soundcheck: Unknown

03/25: Greensboro, NC

Soundcheck: Unknown