Last Updated: June 17, 2023

rumor: Stop us if you heard this before...5 unreleased springsteen studio albums could be released this fall

Uncut Magazine published a new featured article on Springsteen and mentioned the famous unicorn of what is called by many Springsteen fans as "Tracks 2." The magazine wrote, "But that only makes talk of a new boxset all the more intriguing. He's been dropping hints that later this year he'll release a massive compilation of five unreleased albums he recorded in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This is generally regarded as his least productive era - with only three studio albums, a single-disc greatest hits (that omitted way too many of his greatest hits) and the Tracks boxset before finally re-uniting with the E Street Band. This new collection potentially re-defines that decade, recasting Springsteen as a secret studio auteur. While some of these songs feature a full band, he concocted most of them in his garage studio, tinkering with drum loops and synthesisers."

Could it finally be happening? We hope so. 

rumor: bruce springsteen, e street band to announce north america summer/fall shows tomorrow

When there is smoke, there is usually fire. There have been multiple people getting dates and locations alongside information that they believe an announcement is imminent and could happen tomorrow, February 14th. I have not personally heard that dates will be announced tomorrow, but it seems like that will likely happen. With the recent rumors of the Desert Trip II festival not happening, it is expected that California will get a round of arena dates later this fall. This means there should be both stadium and arena dates for the second half of the year for North America fans. Fingers crossed we hear more tomorrow! 

rumor: Bruce springsteen's new album, only the strong survive, comes out november 11

We have good reason to believe that Bruce Springsteen's soul cover album titled Only The Strong Survive, will drop on November 11. In addition to getting a release date pretty much nailed down, a tracklisting has appeared through multiple rumors which can be found below. 

There are rumors that the announcement will come next week  alongside a single which sounds like it may be "Do I Love You." There are also previous rumors that Springsteen will do a limited amount of promotational live shows supporting the record. 

rumor: springsteen to play metlife stadium august 31 or september 1

Looks like we know when Bruce Springtseen & The E Street Band will generally be playing New Jersey's MetLife Stadium next summer. An auction site has put up an auction that shows the band coming through to play MetLife Stadium to attend an "8/31 or 09/01 show at MetLife Stadium..." The tickets have been donated to the program by "The Springtseen Family."

It is important to note that Springsteen will not be playing back-to-back nights as the band has not done that since the end of the High Hopes tour in 2014. The current rumors for the MetLife New Jersey shows appears to be 2-3 shows that may start on August 30. Meaning, that the stand will likely be August 30, September 1, and potentially a third date depending on ticket sales. 


RUMOR: Bruce springsteen to release "soul" covers album this handful of shows

Well it looks like some will have the opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen before the opening date of the 2023 E Street Band Tour on February 1st in Tampa. There have been rumblings becoming louder and louder over the last few days that a new album was coming. We have heard from multiple different outlets that Springsteen plans to release soul covers album this fall. Alongside the release, there are rumors that Bruce will play "a small number of shows" as tweeted by the None but the Brave Podcast Twitter account (see below). Additional rumors that an Apollo Theater Blu-Ray release may come alongside the album that may span multiple discs. 

Looks like we will find out more within the next month. I would expect official word for the Springsteen camp very soon. 

RUMOR: US Dates coming this week

We broke the news about European dates being announced before anyone else. Hopefully we can go two for two for the 2023 tour. There are multiple rumors (not confirmed by my sources) floating around that US dates will be announced either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week with tickets going on sale next week. 

Some potential dates that we have heard:

Febraury 1: Tampa (pretty much confirmed to be the start)

February 3: Atlanta

February 5: Orlando

March 14: Buffalo

March 16: Philadelphia

March 18: Washington, D.C.  or State College, PA

April  5: Cleveland

RUMOR: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Tour Dates to be Announced Tuesday

After having to unfortauntley scrap the 2022 tour, it looks like people will be able to start planning their schedules to see Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. We are expecting an announcement Tuesday that should include both US and European dates. We are hearing that it will be early US start date, Europe in the summer and then another run of shows in the US afterwards. Follows their usual touring pattern. Maybe we can finally update that Tour Dates page...


E Street Band Recording Sessions Cancelled

We just heard that the recordings that were going to take place in November with the E Street Band were cancelled. However, there was and still is action in the studios of Bruce Springsteen which are likely doing overdubs for what one can only think of is the Tracks 2 boxset that has been long rumored for years now. Back in September we let our followers on Twitter know that this was going to be happening. Springsteen's producer Ron Aniello, guitaris Nils Lofgren, former back-up singer Curtis King and others have been spotted in the New Jersey area and some even posting pictures from within Bruce's New Jersey studio. Something might be cooking, but the entire band coming together did not seem to come to fruition to record anything that was originally planned.

2022 E Street Band Tour Now in Jeopardy

Well...that didn't last long. It appears that the long planned 2022 tour is officialy on life support. I can't say that I'm totally surprise given the abrupt delay of the tour announcement that was supposed to be announced in late November and kick off in late April. Word has it that the touring is likely going to be pushed back until next year. There is still time and we are only five days into 2022, but it does not sounds good to see E Street on the road anytime in the near future. We can still hope for some limited shows in the US in the summer, but I am not currently holding my breath. Damn you COVID. 

Last Updated: January 5, 2022

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band 2022 Tour? Germany Bus Stop Poster Says It's Happening

Apparently there is someone out there in Germany that got a little too excited that Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band are going on tour next year. So much so that this poster appeared at a bus stop and a passenger snagged a picture. It shows that Springsteen and E Street are playing in Frankfurt, Germany on June 10, 2022. 

Why would this be posted early? Great question. The original tour was supposed to be announced on Monday, November 29 according to multiple sources, but was delayed at the last minute. Start saving up those pennies...I feel an announcement is not to far around the corner. 

RUMOR: Bruce Springsteen To Headline Central Park August Show

There has been a rumor floating around for some time now that New York City was going to host a concert in Central Park this summer to celebrate the re-opening of the city. With Bruce Springsteen re-opening Broadway, he might be slated to re-open the entire city with this concert that is rumored to take place on August 21. To help fuel the rumor that Springsteen will be in attendance, he mysteriously has two scheduled Broadway date for that Saturday, August 21. He typically runs the show from Tuesday-Saturday the weeks he is playing.

Just today the website, Page Six, has sources telling them that Bruce Springsteen is a locked deal. The article states that he is expected to headline the show and also "perform a song with Patti Smith." Wonder what that song could be...(cough...Because The Night...cough). Paul Simon is also expected to be headlining the show alongside Bruce if the show does indeed commence. If the rumored show does take place, viewers should be able to watch it live on CNN according to the report. It is unclear if E Street will be involved, but I think it is safe to assume that it will just be Bruce Springsteen performing acoustically and without his band. Although, you never know...I guess we will soon find out since August 21 is under two months away. 

RUMOR: New Bruce Springsteen Album To Be Announced Tomorrow, Titled "Letter to You"

Looks like the rumors are going to be true. Bruce Springsteen will release his 20th studio album, Letter To You, sometime around October. Nail City Record was the first store to accidentally post (and as of this writing still has it posted) the pre-order page for the assumed new Bruce Springsteen record. No track listing was posted with the pre-order page. Shortly after, the same album cover was listed for pre-order on Amazon's UK page., where the rumors really started heating up, says that they expect this album to be an E Street Band record. looks like we are getting a new record and we should know all the details tomorrow (September 10). It is also likely we will get a new single tomorrow with an announcement for an October 23rd release date if recent rumors are correct. 

Pre-Order Page From Nail City Record:

RUMOR: Details On New Bruce Springsteen Album Emerge

Now, as always, take this with a grain of salt. New details of the rumored new Bruce Springsteen album have emerged today. All of a sudden a flurry of information hit the internet regarding this new album. 

First, PinkCadillacMusic fan club posted on their instagram (@pinkcadillacmusic) a list of song titles with Ron Aniello's "It's coming" post as the background. The titles appeared are: Hung Out To Dry, The House Is On Fire, Achilles Heel, The Storm, As Good As Gold, Tooth and Nail, Between Heaven and Earth, Nancy's Bar, The Mask Unveile, Parasite, Noah. Their caption for the post on Instagram reads: "Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors...????????? October October October October October...??????" 

Second, there are rumors that has published on their locked twitter page that they expect a new Bruce Springsteen single to be released on or around September 10. 

I know what you're thinking. This nowhere near confirms that the new Bruce Springsteen album is for sure coming. However, there have been signs that something is brewing. Now are those song titles posted from PinkCadillacMusic accurate? Potentially. Nancy's Bar raises some questions but we do also have a Springsteen song called Queen of the Supermarket. I myself have not confirmed the twitter @Badlands.It post as I do not follow that page. I will say that the None But The Brave podcast, as discussed in our rumor last week, said don't be surprised if they come back before Bruce's birthday (September 23) to discuss some sort of breaking news. It sounds like that news just might very well be a "new" Bruce Springsteen album. Why did I put quotations around new? The song Between Heaven and Earth is known to have been recorded for the lost 1994 Springsteen album. Granted, who knows if it was actually completed or when all these rumored song titles were written, just something to note. Of course, if anything breaks or if any more rumors appear regarding this album, we will bring all the information to you. 

RUMOR: Tracks 2 Put On Hold For New Springtseen Album?

It appeared that Springsteen was all but ready to release his highly anticipated "Tracks 2" boxset. This of course would be a huge win for his die hard fan base as it was rumored to be a massive collection (upwards of 10 discs) of outtakes and unreleased albums. However, things may have changed which is not unusual in the world of Bruce Springsteen. According to Hal and Flynn from the None But The Brave podcast, Tracks 2 appears to be put on hold and that there may be something new announced from camp Springsteen by The Boss' birthday (September 23). We know that Springtseen has been hard at work in the studio for the better part of a year and he himself stated that he was working on a new E Street record back in 2019. One would only think that the project is now complete and that it may be the new project that is next for Springsteen to release. Some fans believe that Springsteen must feel very strongly about the album that it needs to be released now rather than the massive boxset. Guess we shall see what The Boss has planned for us in about a month.