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Springsteen to Spielberg "Long Break" after CT Shows

posted May 8, 2014, 7:03 PM by Brandon Thompson
Bruce Springsteen played a private show last night in Los Angeles, CA and it is rumored that Springsteen told Steven Spielberg last night that the band will be taking a long break after the final shows of this tour, which ends in just over a week in Connecticut. As we posted not too long ago, a source of mine told me that no more shows were planned for 2014 and this seems to be true. It is not clear if Bruce meant 10 months or over a year. I would still put money down that he will hit the road again in 2015. Also, on a side note, someone who tours with Springsteen (logistics member) tweeted today that they are going to have to find other work for the rest of the year. Pretty much confirming the rumor of no further 2014 shows. 

Springsteen and Spielberg Last Night