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Springsteen Looking At Possible 2016 Spring Tour

posted Sep 11, 2015, 10:20 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Nov 20, 2015, 1:58 PM ]
Just passing along this BTX (posted by Brucefan92) rumor, you can chose to believe it or not as always. Hopefully it is true and it most likely has some merit to it as I still think we will get some sort of tour next year. MSG stands for Madison Square Garden, in New York City, for those who may not know. 

"I don't usually post about rumors (mainly cause I don't usually hear about them), but heard one about Bruce yesterday that I figured I would. Friend of mine who works at MSG says he heard a couple dates are being booked for the venue for next spring (he guessed either March or April-ish) and that management is trying to finalize a week or so that the venue might be open. He's told me about these in the past and has usually been pretty reliable. He knows I'm a fan, so going back to probably the Seeger Sessions tour he's always given me a heads up several months in advance around when dates were being booked.

Do what you want with that information. Sounded similar to when he told me about Wrecking Ball and WOAD dates, which were those barnstorming couple dates at each venue shows for the first leg of a tour. My friend didn't know anything about an album, but then again thats not his department so I wouldn't expect him to. Sounds like he could be gearing up for a new tour next spring which sounded believable and that MSG is being scouted as a stop. Take the info however you'd like."