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RUMOR: Full No Nukes 1979 Video Due Out, Tracks II Delayed...Yet Again

posted Jul 17, 2021, 10:35 AM by Brandon Thompson
Buckle up. The (at this point) unicorn Tracks 2 boxset may yet again be delayed for a different Bruce Springsteen project. Rumors are now flying around two Springsteen fan messaging boards (BTX and Hoffman) that Bruce Springsteen's camp is looking into releasing all of the songs that The E Street Band performed on September 21 and 22 of 1979. Springsteen hinted that there would be a big release coming later this year and it appears that this is what he was talking about according to recent rumors. Stan Goldstein also hinted that Tracks II is now paused via a Facebook post in a Springsteen fan group. Goldstein wrote: "According to some recent internet chatter and my own sources, the release from the vault Bruce hinted at on his E Street Radio interview last month is going to be video of all the songs the E Street Band did at the Sept. 21-22, 1979 No Nukes shows at Madison Square Garden. Not sure how they are releasing it and in what format. Also some have noticed that the audio from those shows, that had been released as part of the archive series a while back, is no longer available. Previously the only footage we have seen from No Nukes has been from the 1980 movie which had "The River," "Thunder Road" and parts of "Quarter to Three." Plus there were some other songs including "Rosalita" that circulated in the bootleg world. This means no Tracks II for now."

Sigh. While this is no doubt a great release if true...I can't help but feel a bit underwhelmed that this massive Bruce Springsteen boxset is yet again being pushed off. The unicorn boxset was rumored to have lost full complete albums alongside some outtakes throughout Bruce's career. We're not talking a few songs, we're talking 10+ discs worth of music. Talk about a release that would get the fans excited...that would be it. 

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