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RUMOR: Details On New Bruce Springsteen Album Emerge - Potential Tracklist and Release Date Information

posted Sep 2, 2020, 12:50 PM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Sep 2, 2020, 1:10 PM ]
Now, as always, take this with a grain of salt. New details of the rumored new Bruce Springsteen album have emerged today. All of a sudden a flurry of information hit the internet regarding this new album. 

First, PinkCadillacMusic fan club posted on their instagram (@pinkcadillacmusic) a list of song titles with Ron Aniello's "It's coming" post as the background. The titles appeared are: Hung Out To Dry, The House Is On Fire, Achilles Heel, The Storm, As Good As Gold, Tooth and Nail, Between Heaven and Earth, Nancy's Bar, The Mask Unveiled, Parasite, Noah. Their caption for the post on Instagram reads: "Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors Rumors...????????? October October October October October...??????" 

Second, there are rumors that has published on their locked twitter page that they expect a new Bruce Springsteen single to be released on or around September 10 with the full album dropping on October 23. 

I know what you're thinking. This nowhere near confirms that the new Bruce Springsteen album is for sure coming. However, there have been signs that something is brewing. Now are those song titles posted from PinkCadillacMusic accurate? Potentially. Nancy's Bar raises some questions but we do also have a Springsteen song called Queen of the Supermarket. I myself have not confirmed the twitter @Badlands.It post as I do not follow that page. I will say that the None But The Brave podcast, as discussed in our rumor last week, said don't be surprised if they come back before Bruce's birthday (September 23) to discuss some sort of breaking news. It sounds like that news just might very well be a "new" Bruce Springsteen album. Why did I put quotations around new? The song Between Heaven and Earth is known to have been recorded for the lost 1994 Springsteen album. Granted, who knows if it was actually completed or when all these rumored song titles were written, just something to note. Of course, if anything breaks or if any more rumors appear regarding this album, we will bring all the information to you. 

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