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RUMOR: "Chapter and Verse" Album To Be Tied In With Upcoming Book Release

posted Jul 19, 2016, 11:04 AM by Brandon Thompson
I originally was not going to post this rumor as I myself doubted it, however, it seems to be picking up some steam. I decided to ultimately post it so you can make up your own mind. The rumors are coming from the GreasyLake fan forum page. 

"I am hearing that the new record is a tie in with the autobiography and is called CHAPTER AND VERSE. It has 6 new/unreleased songs on it, not sure if they are outtakes or newly written, and at least 12 previously released tracks with each corresponding to a chapter, Eg- Growin' Up." 

Another post suggested, "from another source, not from NS and not Australian, the release of a compilation record tied to the book seems in very advanced work. If so, to be confirmed soon including the content. The 'new record' should be released later."

If this rumor is true, it appears that a few "bonus tracks" may be included in the rumored book album called Chapter and Verse and that the new full solo album will come out later, most likely early in 2017. Springsteen would also not be the first artist to do something along these lines so it is certainly possible. When thinking about it, it's really not a bad idea as it gives the fans a little bonus item along with the new book. I guess we will find out in the coming weeks if this pans out to be true.