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RUMOR: Bruce Springsteen's Tracks 2 Boxset Due Out This Winter

posted Jun 13, 2019, 4:57 PM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Jun 15, 2020, 6:37 AM ]
UPDATE (06/15/2020): There has been some steam behind "Tracks 2" on Springsteen fan boards such as BTX. There have been some rumors floating around that the new "Tracks 2" boxset could come out this holiday season. Ironically, we posted this rumor almost one year to the day and it's back to picking up steam. It is rumored that the new "Tracks 2" could be bigger than the first boxset of outtakes and B-Sides. As Gary Mallaber stated in the original rumor below, there are a plethora of Western Stars outtakes as there could be at least 20 additional songs that were recorded from those sessions. In addition to outtakes, Springsteen fans may be treated to some unreleased albums that The Boss was working on through the 1990's and through the 2010's. Yes, full unreleased albums could make there way into this boxset. Again, these are just rumors but some juicy rumors indeed. Fingers crossed we get this boxset this year. 

Gary Mallaber, a drummer who played on Springsteen's Lucky Town, stated that he recorded additional songs for Western Stars (due out tomorrow) that will appear on a new boxset due out "around Christmas time." It has been expected that Springsteen would release a Tracks 2 of outtakes from his studio albums at some point, but this early is quite the surprise to Springsteen fans. 2019 may just turn out to be a treat for Boss fans...

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