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River Box Set This November, Album and Tour Next Year

posted Aug 8, 2015, 10:53 AM by Brandon Thompson
I have always said that we always post rumors no matter what so fans can make up their minds. A few people in the know over on BTX have spoken over the past few months and I just wanted to do a recap since it has been recently talked about on the fan board. It does appear that we are getting a River Box this upcoming holiday season. This was recently said by Stan Goldstein and I happen to agree with this rumor. This rumor of a River Box also recently appeared in a Billboard Article

As I posted way back in January, I always believed that there would be no formal tour this year and that the band would continue their break and come back with their batteries fully charged, especially after a Spring 2015 tour was scrapped. And after seeing them a couple days ago on The Daily Show, they are looking pretty well rested and tight. As for the next steps, I think we will see an album early next year (Feb-March) with a tour to follow (pending that the band is healthy and ready to go). Again, a couple nights ago they looked great and ready to go now! So keep those fingers crossed that these current plans stay in place.  With the recent solo album and tour rumors floating around I thought it would be appropriate to write up this post and give you potential info that is going around by people who would be in the know.