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River Box Set in November, New Album February, New Tour Arrangement

posted Jun 20, 2014, 7:21 AM by Brandon Thompson
A BTX post suggests that Springsteen is looking to release and do quite a few things in the coming months. The person who wrote the post says that there will be a River box set released in November which will then be followed by a new Springsteen album in February. They also say that the new album is not an E Street Band album. There was a report yesterday that Springsteen already has 8 songs down and practically ready for the record that have a "Mexican" type of sound to it. Could very well be that country feel album. The poster goes on to say that there will also be a new tour arrangement starting in Spring 2015. The new tour format is said to be Bruce solo/with minimal musicians for about an hour and then the E Street Band joins for the rest of the show. That would for sure be an interesting arrangement and one I could see working out. This rumor does line up with previous rumors we have heard regarding a new release in November and a tour in 2015. 

Here is the full post made on BTX

"There will be a River box set released in November followed by an album of new material (Non E Street Band) in Feb. A tour is due to to begin in Spring 2015, the format is to be Bruce solo/with minimal accompaniment for an hour then joined by the E Street Band for a set.

This is sourced from a rumour and I rate it as reliable as the majority of other posts regarding album/tours for 2015."

Bruce Solo in 2005