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UPDATED: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band WILL NOT TOUR In 2019

posted Dec 2, 2018, 6:55 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Dec 4, 2018, 5:37 PM ]
Update: Bruce Springsteen has released a statement saying that he will not be touring in 2019 with the band and will be working on "various recording projects." 

Full statement: Just a note to quell some of the rumors over here on E Street. While we hope to be back with you soon, the E Street Band won’t be touring in 2019. Before I go back to my day job, the year will be consumed with a break after our Broadway run and various recording projects I’ve been working on. We do hope to see you soon, and until then, we have some mighty E Streeters out there regularly performing with their own projects who’d love and deserve your support. All love and Happy Holidays!

- Bruce Springsteen

In a new interview with with the UK's Sunday Times Magazine, a hint was dropped about Springsteen's future plans in regards to both his new album (that has been talked about for years) and a possible new E Street Band tour for next year. Here are a couple excerpts  from the interview that drop some hints:

In any case, he’ll soon be “back to my day job” — touring with the E Street Band, including venues in the UK. He will also release a new album, his first for five years: “For lack of a better word, it’s a singer-songwriter album — more of a solo record.” His fans would prefer to see “the Boss” on stage than on the stump, he says...

When he tours in the next few months with the E Street Band, he may have to forgo the energetic knee slides across the stage and crowd surfing that were once trademark features of concerts that stretched to four hours and more. But otherwise he’s making no concessions.

It’s welcome news for the millions who look back on their lives to the soundtrack of five decades of Springsteen’s music. And he has a clear message for those watching him for their cue to ease off the throttle, kick back and retire: “Don’t stop … keep going.”

Can we look forward to another decade of rocking?

“Sure. Why not.”

By the way the article is worded, we can possibly expect to see a "solo" record that is backed by an E Street Band tour that does specifically say within the next few months. There have been other rumors going around such as Bruce playing Notre Dame stadium and the Glastonbury festival this summer. I wasn't holding my breathe for those rumors to come to fruition but this interview seems to stir the pot of a possible E Street Band spring/summer tour. 

Confidence in Rumor Score: 4/10: There have been rumors going around the past few months talking about Springsteen touring in the summer. There is still no direct quote from Springsteen himself saying that they will likely hit the road. At least that is not evident in this interview. Maybe the reporter took Springsteen's quote of "back to my day job" as touring with the E Street Band, which is why I gave this a cautious score of a 4/10. Keep checking back as I will update the rumors page with any other rumors that may have some substance. 

Photo: Billboard