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Announcement for New Album At End of August, Early October Release

posted Jul 18, 2015, 6:32 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Jul 19, 2015, 4:23 PM ]
Okay, just remember these are just rumors and I post them for you to make up your own mind if you believe them or not. So...a BTX poster named phillipboyle has been pretty adamant about a solo album being released in the coming months. Now, they say that there will be a new album announcement at the end of August and will be released around early October. Now I can say with confidence that a recent new album has been completed and this is coming from multiple reliable personal sources. And with the photos of Ron Aniello mixing a Springsteen project and Rob Mathes called in to do some work, it does appear that we should be getting a new album sometime soon. How soon? That's the golden question but I still have a gut feeling it will be in 2016. Take our poll and drop a comment on what you think is going to happen next! 

It is also probably a good time to point out that there are reports from BTX again, that a New York City radio station (104.3 FM) said that a new album and tour are ready to go for the fall which fits this rumor.