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Watch Hunter of Invisible Game Short Film, My Thoughts

posted Jul 10, 2014, 7:37 AM by Brandon Thompson
Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen released his short 10 minute film starring "Hunter of Invisible Game." There is no script say like a full 2 hour movie, don't let that fool you though. The video packs in quite the punch. I will admit, I myself did not have very high expectations for this release but wow, was I pleasantly surprised when I watched it. The videography is just simply beautiful with amazing shots. The short film also stars Bruce Springsteen which was nice to see, we were not sure if it would be him or a third party actor. Bruce did an incredible job and many took to Twitter saying that acting could be in the cards for him sometime down the line. Of course we want him to keep doing music before even thinking about an acting career! Either way it is a must watch for any Springsteen fan, I do not think they will be disappointed. The film is shot in incredible quality and it packs a good story. Be sure to also check out our Facebook photo gallery on our Facebook page from the film. If you haven't watched it yet, you can view it below!