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Springsteen Performs at Invictus Games

posted Oct 1, 2017, 7:45 AM by Brandon Thompson
The Boss announced last month that he would be performing at the Invictus Games and he did not disappoint those in attendance. Springsteen treated the crowd to three acoustic songs of: Working on the Highway, The Promised Land, and Dancing in the Dark. However, Springsteen was not done with those three acoustic performances. The Boss would shortly thereafter join Bryan Adams to perform another two songs. One of those being Adams' "Cuts Like a Knife." Bryan Adams then announced that he and Springsteen talked before the show and that since Springsteen played one of his songs, that Adams would then play one of Bruce's. To everyone's surprise, Springsteen did his famous "one, two" and then the pounding of "Badlands" started. Pretty cool moment to see, these two rock icons performing each other's songs. Miss the performances? No problem, you can check out the full Invictus event by clicking here. Springsteen's acoustic performances take place at the 52:04 mark in the video. The Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen performance takes place at the 1:23:00. 

Springsteen Acoustic: 
Working On The Highway
The Promised Land
Dancing in the Dark

Springsteen w/ Bryan Adams:
Cuts Like A Knife

Photo: Reuters