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Springsteen Makes First Broadway Setlist Change In Over 140 Shows, Talks Children At US Border

posted Jun 20, 2018, 6:52 AM by Brandon Thompson
Bruce Springsteen made his first setlist change in over 140 shows last night during his Broadway performance. Springsteen wanted to address the new concerns of illegal immigrant parents and their children being separated at the United States border. Springsteen thus added in "The Ghost Of Tom Joad," which was played during the practice performances leading up to his Walter Kerr residency but was then later replaced by "The Rising" when the show made it to Broadway. 

Springsteen felt the need to comment on this matter as it has blown up nationally here in the United States and has for sure made headlines around the world. He preached to senior officials in the United States government to make a change and then stated: "For 146 shows, I have played pretty much the same set every night. Tonight demands something different." This lead into his performance of "The Ghost Of Tom Joad." 

Photo: Rolling Stone