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Springsteen Calls Into E Street Radio, Talks About Next Project and 2016 River Tour

posted Dec 9, 2015, 8:49 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Dec 9, 2015, 12:15 PM ]
Well at about 11:20AM Eastern, Bruce Springsteen called into E Street radio to talk about his upcoming 2016 "River" tour. Even if it was a brief moment, we got some quality information from him regarding the tour and even what he plans on doing next. Springsteen talked about what the encores will entail on the upcoming tour and he stated that they will be the outtakes from the recent box set and also fan favorites. Chalk up some Dancing In The Dark. Springsteen also threw out there that he had no plans to tour behind the box set, they were just going to do a couple of shows in New York for fun, then that turned into a mini series of shows and kept expanding. Thought the E Street Band stripped down lineup would be perfect for these shows with just focusing on rock. The other interesting news that he stated was that his next project, that he has been working on, is a solo project and will likely not involve the E Street Band. There have been rumors floating around out there for some time that a solo album was in the works and almost ready to go. So it will be interesting to see when we will hear news on his new upcoming project. If you have a Sirius XM account you can login and replay the interview. I'm sure they will be playing snippets of it over the next few days though as well. Some pretty cool brief moments from The Boss! Video of the call below!! 

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Photo From (Shows Bruce on hold calling into E Street Radio): Jim Rotolo