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Springsteen Calls into E Street Radio; Gives Update on Broadway Show, 2022 E Street Tour?

posted Jun 10, 2021, 1:08 PM by Brandon Thompson
Bruce Springsteen called into E Street Radio this morning to give an update on what he plans to do with his upcoming Broadway run rebirth. Springsteen mentioned at the start of the interview that his manager, Jon Landau, brought this up to him and Bruce was hesitant to do this limited run as he stated, "I knew we were gonna tour with the band next year." One can only assume and figure out that he is of course talking about an E Street Band tour that could be coming as soon as 2022. I'd say the odds of that happening have to be very high (here's hoping). Bruce also mentioned that he does not plan to tweak much of this show as it is "what people are expecting." He did allude to the fact that there may be small changes here and there, but the majority of the show will remain the same. Springsteen went on to say that he also wants to "tighten" up the show and get it back to the roots of when he first took the show to Broadway. 

Another nugget for die-hard Springsteen fans was that Bruce said that he has a project he's been working on that is "slated for release either next year or in the fall." Most fans who have been following the rumor mill will almost certainly peg that "project" as being the next iteration of what has been dubbed "Tracks 2." At some point in the near future, it is expected that a pretty large boxset of lost albums and outtakes will be released to fans and many believe that it will (finally) be this fall after years of rumors. Springsteen elaborated that these won't be "new records, but things fans will really be interested in." Bring it on! By the sounds of it, Bruce has had enough of sitting around and not performing. We have Broadway which starts in a mere 16 days, a new project that is planned to be released in the fall/early next year, and a pretty solid sounding plan for an E Street Tour in 2022. Life's pretty good for a Springsteen fan these days. 

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Image: The Atlantic