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Rob Mathes Called In To Work On "Upcoming" Springsteen Project

posted Jul 14, 2015, 8:46 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Jul 14, 2015, 10:32 AM ]
So remember last month we had this beautiful picture that surfaced on Twitter showing producer Ron Aniello mixing some Bruce stuff? Well, today Rob Mathes wrote the following message on Facebook: "I then did a number of charts for an upcoming Bruce Springsteen project. Bruce is indefatigable and is always writing and working. As any fan of the Boss knows, only he knows what material will be released when. There is an endless treasure trove of material in the archive where Bruce is concerned. I am just happy to be called as regularly as I am by such a giant. I do NOT take it for granted."

So now the question arises, is this for the upcoming River Box Set or could this be for the next new album? As Rob did point out in his post, Bruce is always writing and working but put two and two together...with Aniello working on Springsteen material and now Rob Mathes confirming that he has worked on an upcoming Springsteen project, I would think that a new album is in the pipeline. But that is just my guess. What do you guys think? Talk about it here!