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RARE Springsteen Concerts Coming Out of Archive Series This Friday

posted Aug 2, 2017, 3:09 PM by Brandon Thompson
For those Springsteen fans who wanted some rare material from the archive series...this Friday (August 4) will be the day you have been waiting for. Brad Sterling, from NUGS (who mixes the archive series), was on E Street Radio today to share some exciting news about the next archive show and the ones to follow. This coming Friday, you will be able to buy two 1977 shows from the website. The download will combine the music from two nights during the '77 tour, Albany (February 7) and Rochester (February 8). The Albany show has about 45 minutes of recording and Rochester runs for about two hours. To put that in perspective, our friends at Backstreets noted that not a single recording of the Albany show has seen the light of day and that there is not a single 1977 show that has surfaced with audio directly from a soundboard. Talk about Springsteen fans foaming at the mouth. 

In addition, Brad Sterling also stated that several shows have already been approved to be a part of the Springsteen archive series and by several he was talking about music that has spanned over most of Springsteen's career. Backstreets has reported that 25 shows have already been identified and approved to be a part of the series. For even better news, it appears that we won't have to sit and wonder when we will get our next archive release. Sterling stated that NUGS is aiming to have a new Springsteen download available on the first Friday of every month. So rejoice Springsteen fans, you'll all have a shiny new toy to play with come Friday and many more Friday's to come.