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New Springsteen Single, Ghosts, Drops Tomorrow

posted Sep 23, 2020, 12:51 PM by Brandon Thompson
Happy Birthday While The Boss turns 71 today, Springsteen announced this morning that he will release the second single from his upcoming album tomorrow titled, "Ghosts." 

In the recent incredible and revealing Rolling Stone interview, "Ghosts" was described as the following: 

He was also writing about being haunted, not unpleasantly, by the dead, most directly on the rousing “Ghosts” (“I turn up the volume and let the spirits be my guide/Meet you, brother and sister, on the other side,” he howls)"

Springsteen acknowledges that “no tomorrows are guaranteed,” but that’s as far as he’ll go on the subject. And it’s probably worth noting that the chorus of “Ghosts” finds him practically screaming, “I’m alive!”

Happy Birthday, Bossman