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New Bruce Springsteen Interview With Apple (Watch Now!)

posted Oct 19, 2020, 3:34 PM by Brandon Thompson
A fantastic new Bruce Springsteen interview with Apple music's, Zane Lowe, was just uploaded to Bruce Springsteen's YouTube page. You can also find the interview on Apple Music. Lowe and Springsteen dive into the new record and go into some interesting facts throughout Bruce's length and legendary career. Lowe really does a fantastic job in his line of questioning and one of the cooler moments is when they were talking about Nebraska. Springsteen talks about how instruments can shape albums and thoughts and actually pulls out the guitar that he recorded Nebraska with and plays the first verse. It's pretty incredible to watch. 

You can watch the one hour interview below! Don't forget (not that you have) that Springsteen's new record, Letter To You, hits stores this Friday, October 23. 

Bruce Springsteen Interview

Bruce Springsteen - Apple Music 'Letter To You' Interview - YouTube