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My Asbury Park Trip

posted Sep 4, 2013, 2:28 PM by Brandon Thompson
Living in New Jersey and have never been to the Asbury Park area, I figured I would take a trip down today. What a great experience it was! It was really neat to see all the different things and places where you know Bruce has been and goes frequently. Just last Sunday, Bruce was strolling down the same boardwalk I was strolling down today. I of course was hoping of running into him but sadly didn't. Plenty of local places playing Bruce's music which was definitely nice to hear. We stopped at all the major highlights for a "Bruce Tour." I had to get a picture at the corner of 10th Avenue and E Street. This was my first stop of the day. I knew there was a guitar there on the corner but seeing the actual street in person is for sure different then viewing it through a computer screen. The trip was already worth it. We then hit the Asbury Park boardwalk where we viewed Paramount Theatre and the Asbury Park Convention Hall. A little further on down we ran into Madam Marie's fortune telling booth and then we took a detour and viewed the Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar. On our way out I realized we were driving down Kingsley street, so I of course had to put on "Something in the Night." Really was a fun little trip and glad we took it. I will post some pictures from today below.
Corner of 10th Ave and E Street
Guitar at corner of 10th Ave and E Street
Me at the corner of 10th Ave and E Street
Wonder Bar
Stone Pony
Paramount Theatre
Asbury Park Convention Hall
Main Entrance to Paramount and Convention Hall 
Madam Marie's
Kingsley Street