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Losing Clarence...3 Years Later

posted Jun 18, 2014, 12:00 PM by Brandon Thompson
Three years ago today, the music world was saddened to learn that Clarence Clemons had passed away due to complications of a recent stroke. The entire E Street nation was shocked to learn of the passing of then two iconic band members, the other being Dan Federici. How would or could the E Street Band continue without the presence of The Big Man, Clarence Clemons? That question everyone asked themselves three years ago. Turns out that The E Street Band was alive and possibly performing at an all time high and along the way, Clarence and Danny were there every single night. Every time we hear an organ solo or a saxophone solo, we think of them. Each E Street Band member brings a unique sound to the band, one that can not be replaced and will never be forgotten. We miss you Clarence and Danny but we know that you are there with us every time the E Street Band takes the stage. 

Clarence, Bruce, and Danny