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Looking for A Good Springsteen Read?

posted Jun 22, 2013, 7:24 AM by Brandon Thompson
    Looking to kill some time by reading a book and want it to be Springsteen related? There are quite a few to pick from out in this world today. One that particularly stands out is "The Light in Darkness." This book jam packs more than two-hundred photos and one-hundred original stories penned by Springsteen's legendary fans. The book focuses on Springsteen's fourth studio album "Darkness on the Edge of Town" from the fan's perspective. To us Springsteen fans, Darkness is quite the masterpiece. This could be due to the rawer and angrier sound that Springsteen never did or attempted before in his career. Either way, this could be the best album Springsteen has put out in his entire career, period.
    One fan put it as: "I really had to listen to that album, hard, over and over again, to find where I could meet him, or really, where he was meeting me," writes Suzanne Scala. "This was when listening to an album meant lying on the floor, head between your speakers, dropping the needle over and over to play that song again and again." Sadly, my generation doesn't know what that is like! Still the album in general clicks with millions around the world. The editor (Lawrence Kirsch) of "The Light in Darkness," says: "The songs on 'Darkness' spoke to me personally. Yes, the mood is darker than previous albums, but not entirely without hope. 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' is pure, energetic rock and roll and one of the best works that Springsteen would create." I couldn't agree more with Mr. Kirsch. The album as a whole made, and still makes, you feel like you were actually a part of the music.
    The photos in this book show Springsteen at his peak, bounding across the stage, leaping from pianos and wading into the crowd just like Springsteen does today. Keep in mind also that this was the era in which Springsteen created massive three hour-plus shows and amazingly still continues this act to this day. "The book will give readers at least a small perspective of what we experienced in 1978," Kirsch said. I feel this is especially true for younger Springsteen fans such as myself. "The connection and bond made between performer and audience during this tour set the stage for all future albums and tours to come." More than 35 years later, the excitement and passion this album and tour invoke in his fans has not diminished. "The Light in Darkness" brings to life the incredible connection fans have with this period in Springsteen's career. To learn more information on this exciting Springsteen book head on over to! Also, this book is a limited edition with less than two-hundred copies remaining. The book is also not sold in stores, so if you are interested head on over to the website provided.
**Blog it All Night is NOT a paid sponsor for "The Light in Darkness." Look for more exciting Springsteen book posts in the future!**