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Little Steven New Interview, Provides Insight

posted Dec 18, 2013, 9:00 PM by Brandon Thompson
Rolling Stone posted yet another interview today with Little Steven. Click here to check out the full article. Basically, Steve states that he is honored that the E Street Band is finally being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. He and Andy Greene (the Rolling Stone Writer) talk about how Clarence was frustrated that the E Street Band was never officially inducted as a band. Steve then goes on to talk about how he will be in Norway in January to shoot his Netflix show for its third season. Steve also says that he will break from shooting the show to go on tour with Bruce and the band on their early 2014 tour. He then interestingly admits that Bruce has talked about U.S. shows recently and that Bruce did originally tell him that there were no plans to do anything in the summer, after Steve asked him "about 10 or 12 times"...but things look like they may have changed. Steve is then quoted saying: "If there are other E Street shows, I may have to miss a few and catch up with them in July." Sounds like Bruce may hit the road without Steve in the U.S. for a little while like he did earlier this year in Australia.

This tells me a few things. One, it looks like there is a full US tour planned out based on Steve's comments in this interview and Bruce's the other day. Two, Tom Morello may fill in for Steve if there are US shows before July as Steve says "he will have to catch up" with the band come July. There have been rumors of Bruce releasing another album around the June time frame and this would fit perfectly to launch a new world tour starting in the US. There of course, is no official word pass the final March dates of the 2014 tour...but something tells me things are heating up. I still would not expect an announcement until maybe February or March next year if it happens and you'll probably see several rumors of cities in dates on our rumors page. Stay tuned for the latest!