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Little Steven Interview

posted Apr 17, 2013, 7:45 AM by Brandon Thompson
Little Steve did another interview in which he for sure is ruffling the feathers here in the U.S. He was on "The Couch" to promote and talk about the Broadway show "The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream." One host then asks him about U.S. dates after the band wraps up in Europe and Steve says "I don't think anymore this tour." To be honest, now I am starting to have my doubts about any U.S. dates this tour. On the positive side, don't forget about the charity U.S. Fall 2013 Tickets that were sold a month or two ago. There is still evidence that there will be U.S. tour but now Little Steven is on the record twice now, saying that he does not believe there will be any more U.S. shows for the Wrecking Ball Tour. After Europe, there is one show scheduled in Brazil for Rock in Rio. That show seems a little out of place sitting by itself in September. Yes, I have my doubts about U.S. dates now but I still in my heart can not see the band skipping the U.S. completely for 2013.  Keep it here for the latest.