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I Met The Man Who Changed Everything, Bruce Springsteen

posted Sep 28, 2016, 6:49 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Oct 7, 2016, 10:38 AM ]
September 27, 2016 and here I am standing outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore. This is how I was going to meet Bruce Springsteen for the first time? Meeting your hero at a bookstore, especially Springsteen, was the last place I imagined I'd have the honor. We take the hour or so drive up from Southern New Jersey to Freehold and arrive. It's the usual wait a couple hours in metal banisters that keep the line in form. Where have I done this before? Oh yeah, the endless wait as you do GA for a Springsteen concert. So far, it's a usual Springsteen event. But it wasn't too bad as the sun was tucked away behind the clouds and E Street Radio was blaring next to us. The line started finally moving, you could feel the excitement in the line as we pushed forward. We make it inside to pre-buy the book and then get in line to get our 7 seconds of fame with The Boss. We were able to see everyone else taking pictures and anxiously wait our turn as we wind in and out of the store's book aisles. I make my way to the front to be greeted by a lot of people making sure everything was running smooth. I hand my phone to the nice Barnes and Noble employee and ask her to take a burst shot, she did thankfully (I'd recommend you do same if meeting). "Next up," I hear as I walk towards the small raised stage. "As soon as the next person goes up, step up on stage and you'll be meeting Mr. Springsteen." Okay, it just hit me hard...I'm meeting Bruce Springsteen. There he stands in his famous leather jacket and looks my way. As I approached, I decided that I didn't want to talk his ear off, just a quick handshake and a "thanks for everything." He was very gracious and receiving to everyone I saw meeting him, myself included. Even if it was for just a quick few seconds, it was all worth it. I did what I always wanted to do. Look the man in the eye, shake his hand, and simply say thank you. I decided not to plug this blog as again I didn't want to talk his ear off, but maybe...just maybe...he already knows about it. Thanks, Bruce. 

Blog It All Night's Brandon Thompson (Left) and Bruce Springsteen (Right)