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E Street Band Members on Radio, Talk Summer/Fall Dates

posted Apr 9, 2013, 12:06 PM by Brandon Thompson
Within the past week or two, Max Weinberg and Steve Van Zandt have made guest appearences on the "Bruce Bunch," a Springsteen program played for two hours on 105.7 The Hawk. Steve Van Zandt was the first to be on the show when he was asked if the band will hit the United States for any fall shows. Steve said anything is possible however, shows would be "very unlikely." Notice though, he question was on fall dates, not summer dates. So this past week Max Weinberg was on and the question came up if the band would play summer dates. Max said that he "honestly does not know." Then, Max went way off topic and randomly mentioned the Australian tour after it was already talked about. Something is telling me that he was avoiding the question. Of course, they can not say that there will be a tour without an official announcement as I'm sure Bruce's camp wouldn't be so happy. But we already all know...there will be some sort of 2013 U.S. tour. I'm thinking we will see an announcement sometime this month or early next month. Stay tuned!