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Bruce Springsteen Mentions Possible E Street Band Album Recording Timeline, Talks Tour

posted Oct 12, 2019, 7:04 AM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated Oct 12, 2019, 7:04 AM ]
In a very unusual glimpse into Bruce Springsteen's future plans, The Boss is spilling the beans on his immediate plans in terms of both recording with the E Street Band and touring next year. Bruce Springsteen is currently over in London promoting his Western Stars film. We have heard Bruce say that he wants to be on the road with the E Street Band sooner rather than later but last night at the London Film Festival, Springsteen all but confirmed a tour is in the near future.

Springsteen was asked if he would get back in the directors chair, here was his response: "I think all these things I've been doing lately are one-offs. I'm not going to write another book, do another play or make another movie. I will, however, be touring with the E Street Band. That always comes around, you can rely on it." 

Springsteen fans can likely expect a very large E Street Band tour coming in 2020. Bruce has been dropping this line over the past few months so I think it's safe to say he has an itch to get back out on the road.

But what will Bruce tour behind? We heard back in May that The Boss has written a bunch of new material for the E Street Band to record, the only questions that remained were: 1) did the album get finished? 2) when would they record this new album? It appears we may have gotten our answer. Springsteen also appeared on the Grham Norton Show to promote Western Stars. Rumor has it...Springsteen said that the E Street Band would start recording the new album in November. This part was not shown during the airing of the show but a few people who were in the audience claim that The Boss made that statement. An all-new E Street Band recording being recorded in November and Springsteen continuously talking about touring with them. Sounds like a great time to be a Boss fan. 

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