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Bruce Springsteen Calls E Street Radio, Gives New Information For Western Stars 'Movie'

posted Jul 10, 2019, 10:29 AM by Brandon Thompson
Earlier this morning, Bruce Springsteen called into Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo on E Street Radio to "see if the number really worked," Springsteen joked. The Boss was heading home from the gym and decided to ring in and thank his fans for the reception to his latest album, Western Stars. Springsteen stated that he did not know how his fans would receive the different project but was very pleased with the reception fans have told him about. The biggest piece of news from the ten minute interview came in the form that Springsteen said he will be releasing a Western Stars "movie" this calendar year. We heard this before from Bruce but we got some new information today. Springsteen stated that since he is not touring behind this new record, he wanted to put together a live performance of the album from start to finish and that's exactly what he and director Thom Zimny did. Bruce also added in that there is some extra stuff on the project as well that should appear in the film. This will likely be some behind the scenes footage of Springsteen recording the album which would be a nice add-on to a full album performance. Either way, look for this to be released later on this year. 

Springsteen did state that the reason he did not tour behind Western Stars  was due to the fact that he is currently working on other projects. There are multiple recent rumors going around so it could be the new E Street Band record that he planned to record this fall or the rumored massive "Tracks 2" boxset that may see the light of day this holiday season. It's a good time to be a Bruce fan indeed. 
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