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Bruce Springsteen: Best Live Performer

posted Jul 31, 2013, 4:20 PM by Brandon Thompson
Rolling Stone Magazine recently announced their top 50 live acts, guess who was at the top? Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. No surprise there, someone who consistently plays for three and a half hours most definitely deserves this recognition. Plus, throw in the fact that he mixes up the set night after night and doesn't stick to one standard setlist. Pretty darn impressive Bruce!
From Rolling Stone Magazine:
"Springsteen has always brought nearly superhuman levels of energy to his shows, but his current Wrecking Ball tour stands as one of his greatest and most thrilling. (It even featured the longest Springsteen show ever - four hours and six minutes, in Helsinki, Finland, on July 31, 2012.) For more shows, Springsteen shreds the pre-planned setlist and collects request-bearing signs from the crowd, leading the band in impromptu renditions of covers by everybody from The Ramones to Jackie Wilson. "I don't look at the setlist very much during the night," he recently told Rolling Stone's David Fricke. "I'm listening to the song we're playing - it's talking to me about what to play next. And I'm watching the audience. Sometimes it's the look in someone's eyes about how bad they want to hear that song they've written on a piece of cardboard or their head."
Showstopper: Each night's highlight is different – a beautiful thing with Springsteen shows."
Bruce will also appear on the Rolling Stone Magazine cover! The cover is pictured below!