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Australian Tour Over, Already Planning a Return?

posted Mar 31, 2013, 6:52 AM by Brandon Thompson
Are Australian promoters already planning the return of the Boss? One news outlet seems to think so. I am quoting from the article when it reads: "The bad news is the Springsteen tour ends tonight. The good news is Team Boss and his Australian promoters are already planning his return." I remember there have been people saying that Team Boss was planning a return to the OZ in the Working on a Dream tour, of course it did not work out. Who knows though? I don't see them coming back in 2013 but could this mean that the E Street Band is indeed not done after this tour? This may be a good indicator of that. Some think that Bruce after 2013 will hit the road with another solo tour. I do not think he did a solo trip to Australia in 2005 so that could be what is next. E Street Band will have been on tour for 2 years after 2013, is it time for a break or will the train keep rolling? Only time will tell. 

Here is the link to the source: Article