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A Roll of the Dice: The Final 2014 Show Review

posted May 20, 2014, 4:31 PM by Brandon Thompson   [ updated May 20, 2014, 4:36 PM ]
Two days ago marked the final show for the E Street Band in 2014, well at least that is true as we speak but it sure looks like this was the last show. You could literally feel the anticipation for the band even took the stage. The venue seemed to be perfect for a Springsteen concert. The arena only held 10,000 seats and the floor was very small, about the size of two pits together. It doesn't matter where you sat or where you were on the floor, the venue was perfect. Let's go through the show song by song: 

Roll of the Dice (Tour Debut): What a hot opener! Roy kicks it off with just the piano to start. Bruce comes out and asks the crowd if they lost any money and joked that if they did not then they would not be able to be playing there. Right out of the gate jokes were being thrown around and you could tell Bruce was in a great mood. When the band kicks in, whoa! Did it hit you like a ton of bricks. They sounded fantastic. I'm not crazy for this song but I welcome him playing this down the road in the future, it was that good. 

Leap of Faith (Tour Debut): A very good one, two punch from the 90's. This is one of my favorites from the Lucky Town album and was glad to finally hear this one. It for sure did not disappoint! Bruce teased my friend and I by saying "Are you feeling lucky?!?" right before going into this one, we thought Lucky Town the song would be next. My friend has been wanting to hear that one for over 30 shows. Nonetheless, this was a great choice! 

Jump: Heard them sound checking this one in both Hershey and at this show. It sounded fantastic and got the crowd going. Incredible energy and you could tell that the band enjoys playing this one, especially Roy with that classic rift. Hope it comes out a few more times in the future. 

Frankie (Tour Debut): Wow! He sound checked this one earlier that day as well but we did not get to hear it. The song started off with Charlie just playing the rift on the organ and then the band kicking in. No acoustic and fiddle intro like on the Wrecking Ball tour. To be honest, I prefer this version to that one. This was a highlight and a very nice surprise to see so early on right after Jump. 

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Tour Debut): I was shocked when I saw him pull this sign out but then a little girl showed up on the big screen so it was worth it in the end for her memory. Believe it or not the crowd loved this one and really got into it. My friend and I joked after the show that this was "the hottest Santa Claus is Comin' to Town in the history of the song." The crowd was that good and the band had no hiccups. 

Seven Angels (Tour Debut, World Debut): YES! That is all I can say. This song has always been up there on my list and I use to always think to myself that he would never play it with the E Street Band. Did he surprise me tonight! He did soundcheck it twice the day before this show but we know that everything sound checked does not get played. I'm glad this one got it's official treatment. I spotted several signs for this one and one got picked with Bruce saying "I've seen this sign the last 10 shows." Max kicked it off with the rocking drum beat and Bruce then kicked in with his hard rocking guitar. Mr. Gary Tallent on bass was also showcased on this one. WOW! What a performance by the entire band. Bruce ended the song by joking that he and the band should play this one more often, YES PLEASE! A complete kick ass performance of the song being performed for the first time ever live. 

Don't Look Back (Tour Debut): Bruce played this sign request saying that "he was bringing out all the rarities tonight!" It took him and the band a few minutes to get everything right during the song as Bruce told the crowd: "We got the right chord, we'll be with you in a moment." A very funny Bruce screams they got it and counts it off. Very cool to hear this one and you could tell we were in for a very special treat from this setlist already. 

Darkness on the Edge of Town: This one is always hot and always gets the crowd shouting at the top of their lungs. Very good version but most of us have heard this one before, just great. 

You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch): For Little Steve! This was so fun that everyone around me was singing and dancing. Very loose and fun performance from the band. I remember saying to my friend: "I feel so frickin' alive!" The band was simply on fire and I think Steve was helping the band feel loose. Awesome stuff here. 

Frankie Fell in Love: Steve doubleheader! Heard this one in Pittsburgh earlier this tour and I must say that I prefer this version at Mohegan. Could've been that Steve was there and actually knew the parts and when to sing them, sure he looked down at the teleprompter every now and then but this was much more polished then when Steve and Bruce did it in Australia earlier this year. Pretty cool to hear again. 

Adam Raised a Cain: Who doesn't love to hear this classic Darkness song?!? Bruce and the band were on point. The crowd was loving it just as much with literally almost everyone in the arena putting their hands up in the break and shouting "ohhhhhhhh" right before Bruce yelled out "In the Bible Cain slew Abel!" My friend noticed that Bruce was looking around the entire arena because everyone was into the song and raising their hands. Bruce clearly enjoyed that moment as did everyone! 

High Hopes: Great Tom Morello solo on this one. Most of us have heard a version of this on this tour. This crowd got into it more than any other version of High Hopes I've seen on this tour. 

Youngstown: This was an audible in this position as Bruce ran over to Nils and told the rest of the band Youngstown. Nils went running off to switch guitars and we were underway! Youngstown is always good for setting the tone for a great rock and roll sequence! Nils absolutely kills it here, as he usually always does, and gets the crowd in a mighty roar by the songs end. Great stuff. 

Murder Inc: Looks like this may have been another audible as Bruce tells and shows Max the beat by playing his air drums! I was very surprised to see the crowd throwing their hands up in the air and singing along. Just a great version that surprised me just based off of how good it sounded. 

Johnny 99: This one could use a rest if you ask me. Nonetheless the horns sounded great on this one. I would much rather have Atlantic City here in this slot. 

Cadillac Ranch: Was not expecting this one late into the set. Bruce has been playing this fairly early. Who doesn't like a little Cadillac Ranch?!? Very cool to hear this one and came at a very good time keeping things upbeat and driving through the Connecticut night! 

I'm a Rocker (Tour Debut): I have been wanting to hear this one for a very long time! Finally got it here! Sounded great and Bruce was still having an incredible time running around the stage. This one should be coming up more often. I would like to see it rotate with Hungry Heart on the next E Street Band tour. Very good rendition. 

Loose Ends: Was only played one other time on the 2014 tour. Someone had a sign in the lower level right next to the stage so maybe that inspired Bruce to play this one here. He didn't take the sign or say it was for them but this was just great! I'm not a huge fan of this song but it worked very well, especially with the recent return of Little Steven. 

The Ghost of Tom Joad: We all know this one. Morello did an amazing job once again which the crowd went absolutely bananas over by songs end. 

The Rising: Could listen to this one at every show, the band just simply does an amazing job with this song every single time. 

Badlands: Perfect way to close out this main set. Quite possibly one of the best crowds I've ever had for Badlands. Fists were pumping and voices were screaming during the chorus. When the band all got done this one, the crowd continued to chant the rift of the song. Very cool to hear from a US crowd that usually doesn't get noticed. 

Born to Run: Interesting way to start the encores. Bruce's guitar tech brought up his acoustic guitar for the tour debut of "Walk Like a Man" (see original setlist below) but Bruce decided to skip it and go right to Born to Run. We all know this one, just probably could have used a song before it but was a surprise to hear it open the encores. 

Ramrod: Again, could listen to this one at every show. Someone in the pit, which was right in front of me, took of their shirt during this one and dancing to it. The crowd was eating this rocker and party song up! Steve said his usual "It's Boss Time" towards the end of the song. 

Dancing in the Dark: I'm fine with this song it just usually gets drug out too long bringing everyone up to dance with a band member on stage. This time Bruce actually danced with Steve's wife and recognized her by saying so afterwards. Surprised he didn't let Steve give her a dance as well but again, that would drag out the song too long. Thankfully, this one wasn't terribly long to the point of where you are sick to hear it any longer. 

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out: We all know this one. This was a great time for me though as this was the only part where Bruce came out to the middle stage in-between the pit and the rest of the floor. Bruce was literally two feet away from me. It was a moment I will never forget. Good as always. 

Jungleland: "This is for the last dance..." then Bruce conducted Soozie and Roy to start. This was the only time this was played in the United States on this tour and boy was it powerful and a very nice surprise. I was floored by this version and it was all making perfect sense, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out into Jungleland. It was obvious Bruce was paying homage to his lost band members. The crowd was dead silent for the final verse, you could hear a pin drop and I'm not even kidding. I don't think I've ever heard an arena this silent, everyone was in shock and awe just hearing this one. This was also the most emotional part of the evening. Jake did a good job with the Sax solo and gave Bruce a big hug right after. By the songs end you could tell that Bruce left everything out on the table and gave it everything he had. Just the most emotional I've ever seen at a Springsteen concert. I was extremity moved by the entire performance and it really hit home to I think everyone in the arena just how special this moment was. 

Dream Baby Dream: We figured this was what had to follow that emotional performance of Jungleland. It was reported that Rosalita came up on the teleprompter after Jungleland but then was switched to this to end the show. It was quite clear that the band was ready to jump right into Rosalita but I think Bruce was both too emotional and was getting too tired to do Rosie justice, so he called the band down and they left the stage. Leaving Bruce and Jake as the final ones to take a final bow together. Bruce's organ rolled out and he proceeded to thank everyone who has seen the band over the Wrecking Ball and High Hopes tours. He said that over 4 million fans came out and he couldn't thank them enough. He started by saying "So while we are apart just remember..." then went right into Dream Baby Dream. A very heartfelt performance and I think Bruce was starting to get teary eyed as he stared off into the crowd. It was quite clear the passion he had for this show and all of his fans. A perfect way to end the show and the tour. Right before he left the stage he said "The E Street Band loves you" as he started to walk away he turned back around and said "We'll be seein' ya!" 

Original Setlist: 
Roll of the Dice 
Leap of Faith 
High Hopes 
Adam Raised a Cain 
Streets of Fire 
Frankie Fell in Love 
Lucky Town 
Better Days 
Heaven's Wall 
I'm a Rocker 
Cadillac Ranch 
Point Blank 
Racing in the Street (1978)
Murder Inc 
Johnny 99 
Shackled and Drawn 
Ghost of Tom Joad 
Land of Hope and Dream 
Walk Like a Man (Solo)
The Wall 
Born in the USA 
Born to Run 
Danicng in the Dark 
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out