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Springsteen to Release Single with Nick Jonas of "Jealous"

posted Jan 7, 2015, 9:17 AM by Brandon Thompson
Cause Springsteen gets jealous! Deep inside sources confirm that Springsteen is working right now with Nick Jonas to release a new version of Jonas' hit song "Jealous." It is said that this song will take on a completely different musical element where it basically turns into one hell of a rocker. Jonas stated in a recent tweet that he "was working with the boss on a jealous rocker." The tweet has since been deleted and no comment has been made from either Jonas or Springsteen. Sources say to expect the rocking single with a Springsteen new album and tour announcement to come in early March. To spice up the rumor even more, it is said that Nick Jonas may possibly take over Tom Morello's role on the upcoming 2015 tour (although this could not be confirmed by deep inside sources).