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Pit ‘Accident’ Leaves Fans Clamoring for Sunny Day Return

posted May 22, 2014, 9:57 AM by Brandon Thompson
During Saturday night’s 3 hour show at Mohegan Sun Arena, there was an unfortunate incident, where a fan urinated in the pit area and was promptly thrown out. Stan Goldstein tweeted this on Saturday and it was met by disgust and revulsion on BTX. However onlookers has expressed sympathy with the culprit, and has even gone as far as to blame Bruce for the accident. One concert goer said, ‘I blame the Boss on this one. I mean, he just wasn’t letting up! Where was Sunny Day man? It was just awesome track after awesome track. Where was the bathroom break song?’ 
The culprit was heard saying after the show, "I had a few extra beers than normal before the show, because I was expecting the Darlington County, Shackled and Drawn, Sunny Day pack, and I was waiting but there was no Sunny Day. I mean, was I expected to leave during Quarter to Three? No self-respecting fan would leave during Talk to Me or Hearts of Stone. Seriously, no Sunny Day has really thrown the bathroom breaks out of sync. Seriously messed up. He seriously needs to bring it back next tour. It was a staple for a reason." Springsteen, aged 64, has yet to comment on the issue.

-Tim Hiley Reporting