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Part Man Part Monkey Apologizes For Catastrophic Mistake

posted Apr 19, 2014, 8:54 PM by Brandon Thompson
Part Man, Part Monkey on BTX officially apologizes for a catastrophic mistake Saturday night during the Charlotte, NC show. Bruce was playing "Jack Of All Trades" and Part Man, Part Monkey (Tim) officially put out this statement: "I'd like to make a short statement. It was brought to my attention that during the Official Setlist Thread for the Charlotte show (20/4) that I committed the most heinous of crimes, a mistake so massive that it has made me ashamed to be alive: I forgot to capitilise the 'o' on Jack Of All Trades. It was quite possibly the singe the most embarrassingly error I've ever made. I let myself down, I let my family down, I let my friends down and, most importantly, I let the tramps of the E Street Nation down. I thank Passiac for bringing this to my attention, and I will work hard to recover the trust that I have lost with this humiliation. I'd like to ask you all to forgive this error and allow me the time I need to recover from letting you all down :( 

About two days should do it :wink: