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September 2012

09/25/12: Bruce Springsteen will play a benefit show in New York City on November 8, 2012. The event is called "Stand up for Heroes" which raises funds for veterans and their families. 

09/22/12: So, Blog it all Night decided to take a little road trip from South Jersey up North on the New Jersey turnpike. Man was it worth every last effort. The, big, surprising, giant debut of "Living on the Edge of the World" was absolutely incredible! After we heard that, we knew we were in for something special in Jersey. Kicked right in to a crowd favorite of "Out in the Street" which I happen to like a lot live. It really gets the crowd going and lots of people know it. Possibly one of the many highlights in the show was "Lost in the Flood" which I heard previously in Philly night one but I can never get enough of it, it is an absolute masterpiece, shame when everyone in my section sat down during this one. Then before you know it we go into "Wrecking Ball" which I was expecting a very generous crowd response due to the New Jersey mentions and it was just that. Crowd was roaring every mention and it was nice to see. Then a very special guest came up by the name of Gary U.S. Bonds to do two tour debuts in "Jole Blon" and "This Little Girl is Mine." Jole Blon was sound checked before the show. Those two tour debuts went right into another in "From Small Things" which was great to finally hear. "Talk to Me" was the next song he played and it was just so loose and it was very fun to watch. May have been one of the best highlights of the night with Bruce dancing all over the stage and in the crowd. Little later on another tour debut of "Mary's Place." I personally love this song live, it got everyone going again and it was just absolutely fantastic! I hope he keeps this one in the set. I was actually wanting him to play this in Philly and when I heard he sound checked it, I had a feeling I would get it, great highlight! Then the all mighty of the night came, my dream has come true, "Incident on 57th Street" was finally played while in attendance! My concert attendee has been to about 35 shows and was waiting for this one as well and we both finally got it! It was truly amazing! I also loved how they transferred right into "Rosalita" which was very loose and fun like always. That was a great duo right there! That alone made it a great night! All in all the night was for sure one of the best I've ever seen, setlist wise it was probably no doubt the best I've seen. I have been waiting for "Incident" for so long and to finally get it and with all the other songs played, it just simply made for a kick ass show and I don't know how he can beat last night's setlist tonight but we'll see. Video below! 

Living on the Edge of the World

09/17/12: Still debating to go a NJ show this week? Here is a deal for you! Living Social is currently holding a ticket special where you can buy an upper deck ticket for this Wednesdays show (09/19/12) at Metlife Stadium for only $59! Here is the link if you are interested:

09/04/12: Night two in Philadelphia, simply put is always a great show. Bruce took the stage at about 8:15 last night and opened with an acoustic version of "Factory," which was a tour debut. This fit into the Labor Day theme that the boss brought all night. He opened with five straight songs from Darkness on the Edge of Town, which was killer! You knew right from the opening that the show was going to be a special one. From there on out most of the songs he played fit into the Labor Day theme and working as Bruce was trying to put it. Bruce called the band "bums" and went on to say "...but we are here tonight to work for you!" The band indeed worked as hard as they could throughout the muggy and humid night. Luckily no rain showed up as it was suppose to. Bruce only took two signs throughout the night and they were "Frankie" and "The River." An emotional moment during "The River" as the sign said "Please play The River for my Husband in Afghanistan" and they showed the wife up on the screen behind Bruce teary eyed and crying. That was a great moment and very emotional. Overall the setlist was very good, especially the start of the show. I must say, I understand that "Jack of all Trades" fit the Labor Day theme although I think that really slowed the crowd down, as it followed Frankie. Many, if not most people were sitting through "Frankie" and then "Jack of all Trades" started and everyone remained seated. I must admit, I think Bruce lost the crowds energy from here into the next couple of songs. Very surprised no "Kitty's Back" as it is almost a staple when it comes to Philly shows. Then came the encores after "Thunder Road." It started with "We Are Alive" which again lost the crowd and I don't get why he would play it two nights in a row. Maybe it is just me but I'm not a big fan of that song, especially when it comes to stadium shows. I would rather have him open with "Born in the U.S.A." or something a little more fast paced. Yes, "We Are Alive" is fast paced when the horns kick in but then in the last verse it slows down again. Bruce missed a great chance to really kick off the encores with a bang. Highlight of the encores had to have been "Jungleland" which was played only for the third time this tour, only second time in North America. Jake nailed the sax solo and I saw someone tweet "I closed my eyes, and swore it was Clarence!" Jake did a great job when it came to the sax solo. The night ended with "American Land" which I thought was odd. I was not expecting him to close with it in Philly. All in all though it was a great show, with a great set, and in the end...I'm still waiting to hear "Incident on 57th Street." 

09/03/12: Wow, just wow is all I can say. Bruce and the band put on an amazing show last night for Philadelphia. It seemed like it was a night 2 kind of setlist with old hits and new hits and the music just kept blaring. The crowd was into it right from the start of "Summertime Blues" which opened the show last night. I was waiting to get in the pit and heard a few soundchecks of: "None But the Brave, We Take Care of Our Own, The Twist, and TV Movie". I got up a little late so only heard "TV Movie" word for word but that has yet to be played on this tour along with "None But the Brave" and "The Twist." I was a little upset with how the wristbands worked. This was my first time doing the pit so maybe it happens everywhere but, I got up to the wristband line at about 3:15 and was told that they stopped handing out wristbands at 1,000. People all around me were furious and yelling at Tom who runs the lottery at every show. He eventually printed out 700 more wristbands I heard but I was already back at my car tailgating of course. I find this to be ridiculous that they would sell "x" amount of pit tickets and they only planned to give out 1,000. This was not in writing, what was in writing was that anyone who comes from 1:30 to 4:30 would get a wristband but this was not the case. Anyway, I went in a 6:00 when the doors opened and I would say I was about 20-25 rows away. The concert was incredible, the crowd was incredible, and Bruce was as loose as I ever have seen him. This wasn't even night two, which is tonight and should be an amazing show given what he played last night. He did debut three songs in Philadelphia with "Good Rocking Tonight," "Jersey Girl," and "You Can't Sit Down." He played for about 3 hours and 50 minutes which was one of his longest concerts of his career. Tonight should be even better however, it will not be as crowded tonight as it was last night. Last night was almost sold out but tonight they have been having trouble selling tickets and it is suppose to rain. You can still buy tickets at for tonight's show if you are interested, I highly suggest you do! See you all tomorrow for another review!

09/01/12:  Just a heads up, I will be late posting the Philadelphia setlists as I will be at both shows! Excited! As I did for the Philly shows in March, I will post my thoughts on the crowd, setlist, and more! I also have a friend who is attending his first Springsteen show Monday night so I'll be sure to get his thoughts after the show! See you soon!!!

August 2012

08/30/12: Bruce Springstee. Has added a new fall tour date to his U.S. arena leg. October 30 in Rochester, NY! The venue will be the Blue Cross Arena. This has not yet been confirmed by Bruce but multiple sources have confirmed! Interesting that this all came out right after the Vernon Downs show which was held last night. Maximizing ticket sales? Sure looks to be that way. Check out all the fall tour dates on the "Tour Dates" page! 
UPDATE: Confirmed by Bruce's website!
08/29/12: Bruce Springsteen's "Land of Hope and Dreams" is this years 2012 Major League Baseball's Playoffs theme song! Check out the MLB video below!
08/27/12: Bruce yetserday played Montcon for the first time in the bands history and it was a pretty good show. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that there was an unusual request of "Pay Me My Money Down" which was played for only the second time on the tour. Pretty good setlist! Check it out on the setlist page! Vernon Downs Raceway is up next!
Pay Me My Money Down
08/19/12: Was Gillette going to be like night #3 in Boston or was it going to be like a first night? Turns out it was treated like a 3rd night! Two tour debuts in "Open all Night" and "Drift Away." The last time "Drift Away" was played was on the 1984 tour. This was an awesome addition to the show and it sounded great! That was a big surprise. Overall it turned out to be a fantastic setlist with rarities such as "Lost in the Flood" and "Racing in the Street." Gillette also got the second showing of "Jungleland" which was only played once before on the tour in Europe. This was the first U.S. showing and by all reports it was still very emotional. Check out the full setlist on the setlist page! Also, Bruce pulled an audible right out of the gate on the first song, on the original setlist it had "Kitty's Back" to open which would have been a great opener! Funny thing was I actually thought of this opening a show but never thought it would become true! didn't yet but that is funny that it was scripted to open the show. This shows that Bruce is really changing it up for this leg if the band calls audibles on the opening song! Is this the best the band has been? Yes. Videos below!
Drift Away
Open all Night
08/15/12: Well that wraps up two nights at Fenway in Boston! The first night was a good one but man was night two one to remember. As Stan Goldstein tweeted: "I feel like I'm 18 and in 1978 again!" The first Fenway show brought the two tour debuts of "Boom Boom" and "Dirty Water" which is a 'Boston' song. The second Fenway show brought two tour debuts as well in "Knock on Wood" which was played for the first time since 1976 and "Quarter to Three." The deal breaker may have been in the middle of the main set in the song set of: Knock on Wood, Does this Bus Stop at 82nd Street, Thundercrack, Frankie, and Prove it all Night with the 1978 intro! Amazing set of songs and all in a row! Ken Casey (Lead singer for Dropkick Murphy's) joined Bruce and the band to close the second Fenway show with "American Land." What can we conclude? That the Fenway shows started this second leg off the right way! Gillette is up next! Videos below!
Knock on Wood (Night #2)
Frankie (Night #2)
Quarter to Three (Night #2)
Dirty Water (Night #1)
08/09/12: Get your DVR ready! Highlights of London's Hard Rock Calling is coming to a television station near you! In the United States you can catch the highlights of the entire event, including of course Bruce and E Street, on Palladia on Saturday August 25 at 9PM ET. SkyArts1 will broadcast the event in the U.K. on Friday August 17 at 9 PM!
08/06/12: Bruce and the band have added a second show for St. Paul, MN which will take place on 11/12. Tickets will go on sale August 18 at 10 AM! 

08/04/12: It is reported that Bruce Springsteen will guest appear in an upcoming Pete Seeger album due out in the fall. Other guests include Tom Morello, which has also played on Bruce's most recent record 'Wrecking Ball.'

July 2012

07/31/12: Bruce and the band just finished up their European leg of the 'Wrecking Ball' Tour tonight and it was one for the ages as all of their concerts recently seem to have been. The last show of the European show was taking place in Helsinki, Finland and they were treated to the band's longest show in their long history...4 HOURS AND 6 MINUTES. This is incredible for a man who is in his 60's and most of the band right their at that age as well. Impressive. Bruce treated the folks who were in their seats a early to a five song solo setlist which included three tour debuts in: I'll Work for Your Love, Leap of Faith, and Blinded by the Light. Things were off to a great start in Finland! The band comes out and the very first song they play is "Rocking all Over The World" which is a tour debut and a song that is usually played towards the end of the show. From the start you can tell this will be a special show and even Bruce says: "This is our last show in let's end it right!" Another amazing performance of "Prove it all Night" with the 1978 opening to the song. That really has been the shock of the tour and hopefully brings it back to the U.S. when the band returns in August. Two sign requests were taken during the main set in the requests of "Does this Bus Stop at 82nd Street?" and "Light of Day." Overall, main set was very solid. Bruce changes it up in the encore with a total of three tour debuts in a classic "Detroit Medley," as well as a fitting cover of "I Don't Want to Go Home," and a favorite on the 2009 tour "Higher and Higher." The European tour closes with the ever so popular "Twist and Shout" which tends to be the stadium breaker in Europe. Don't fret! The Wrecking Ball starts swining again in Boston in a couple of weeks!
I'll Work For Your Love (Solo, Pre-Show, Chat with Crowd)
Higher and Higher
I Don't Want to Go Home
07/28/12: Hey question, are you jealous of Gothenburg, Sweden? Oh no? There is reason to be now. The tour debut of "JUNGLELAND!" This is the first time this song has been played without the Big Man, Clarence Clemons. Jake Clemons, his nephew, took the sax solo role and actually cried after the band played the song and recieved hugs from the band. Very touching. Not to mention the kick ass setlist with tour debuts of: Frankie, Where the Bands Are, and Lost in the Flood! This has to be the leader for the best setlist of the tour thus far. To be honest, I really thought Bruce would save "Jungleland" for the U.S. stadium run but hey now everyone is jealous of Gothenburg. Amazing set and an amazing job by Jake Clemons! RIP CLARENCE AND DANNY!
 Lost in the Flood
 Where the Bands Are
07/28/12: Gothenberg got a very nice setlist last night as they got one of the longest shows ever...again! The show lasted about 3 hours and 45 minutes and featured two tour debuts in "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" and "Drive all Night." Bruce brought back the full version of "Drive all Night" in Gothenberg in 2008 so this may be something special for Gothenberg. Jake nailed both sax solo's on the song and Bruce sounds better than ever on the song. The band sounded amazing during this song. This was only night one...night two is tonight! Video below!
Drive all Night (Pro-Shot)
07/27/12: The FALL TOUR DATES have been released by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. As of now, the tour will continue through December! Tour Dates below! To see which venues, please visit the tour dates page!
07/26/12: The Bryce Jordan Center's facebook page has said that Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band are confirmed for November 1, 2012 at Penn State. No official word has come from Bruce. The facebook post also says tickets will go on sale Saturday August 4 with more info coming this Monday July 30 with pricing, etc. This could mean an announcement from Bruce on Monday!
07/25/12: Bruce and the band wrapped up their two night stand in Bergen which had its fair share of amazing shows on this tour. The entire 'Wrecking Ball' album was completed the second night when the Boss brought out the world debut of "You've Got It." Plenty of tour debuts which included an acoustic verison of "Long Walk Home." Check out the setlist page for these incredible shows! Videos below!
Who'll Stop the Rain (w/ just Roy, no band) NIGHT #1
 This Depression (WORLD DEBUT, SOLO) NIGHT #1
This Depression (With Band, AUDIO ONLY) NIGHT #2
You've Got It (WORLD DEBUT) NIGHT #2
07/22/12: Bruce and the band recorded their second longest show in their long history clocking in at 3 hours and 47 minutes. Just shy of their longest show ever which occured earlier this year and was 3 hours and 48 minutes. Two tour debuts were played in Oslo the first was "Ain't Good Enough For You" and the other was "Streets of Fire." Took the band a little bit to get the start of "Ain't Good Enough For You" as they haven't played it since 2009 in Asbury Park. Bruce is keeping up with the opening being an acoustic slot, this show was started with "The Promised Land" with just Bruce and the guitar. However, it was an unusual ending for the show. The show closed with "Night" after "Twist and Shout" so it seems that Bruce is mixing it up quite a bit. Who's complaining?
Ain't Good Enough For You
 Norway "Joke" Song
07/18/12: That's a wrap for Dublin. Two very good shows. First night showed three tour debuts, including a dedication to U2's Bono with "My Hometown" which was done solo on the piano. Also, as not shown on the setlist page, Bruce actually really started with the end of "Twist and Shout" from the exact point in which the band was cut off in London. Bruce actually used a stage prop, a generator, and said "Before we were so rudely interupted!" Very funny way to start a show. The second night was a complete mix up with "Rocky Ground" being the second to last song of the night. Also, "The Rising" was not played and I was wondering the last time the band did not play that song on a tour. I can't even remember. There were also three songs in bewteen "We Take Care of Our Own" and "Wrecking Ball." So was this the start of things to come? Or was it just the night two magic that Bruce seems to bring?
07/16/12: Ticketmaster leaked another possible fall tour date. October 21, 2012 in Hamilton, Ontario. 
UPDATE: Removed by ticketmaster. 

07/15/12: Yesterday was a very good show for London's "Hard Rock Calling" event that they hold every year in Hyde Park. This was the event choosen by Bruce and the band for a DVD release event in 2009. This year around Bruce and the band started with something that they usually do not do and has not done for years, start with "Thunder Road." As if that were not enough, it was just Bruce and Roy. That's right, no full band just the piano and Bruce. Great way to mix things up in my opinion.  Also, "Take 'em as They Come" got its 2012 tour debut. There was however a little controversy over yesterday's show in London. Bruce had a curfew of about 10:30 PM that night and you know how Bruce can be, he'll get carried away and play for hours upon hours. So Bruce, pulls Paul McCartney out to do two songs "I Saw Her Standing There" (which was a tour debut) and "Twist and Shout." It seems as if the Hyde Park officials would "pull" or "kill" the party a little early. Bruce's and Paul's microphones quietly got softer and softer and the band's sound was not far behind. They (Hyde Park) completley pulled the plug on two music icon legends. I personally think this is insane giving that Bruce and Paul were most likely done after two more minutes of the song. Bruce did not even get a chance to get to say thanks to the crowd or anything, was just forced to leave the stage. Maybe next time, if he does, play Hyde Park again he'll start off with "It's a Shame" if you catch my drift.
07/13/12: Bruce fall rumors keep flying in! Ticketmaster accidently leaked information on an upcoming concert on November 1, 2012 in University Park, PA which is Penn State. Head on over to the rumors page for all the details! Nothing has been confirmed yet by Bruce Springsteen.
UPDATE: Ticketmaster has pulled the show as of 07/15/12.
07/11/12: Great show earlier today in Prague! 29 song setlist with the tour debut of "This Hard Land." This was also the first show of the tour that opened with an acoustic song. Bruce opened the show with an acoustic version of "The Ghost of Tom Joad." Overall, a very nice setlist as the band gets ready for another show tomorrow! Video of "This Hard Land" is below!
This Hard Land
07/10/12: There was a total of three tour debuts yesterday in "Don't Look Back" which opened the show in Switzerland. The other two came in form of sign requests in a surprising "Working on a Dream" and a solo verison of "If I Should Fall Behind" on the piano. Video of last night's show can be found below!
Don't Look Back/Badlands
Working on a Dream
If I Should Fall Behind (Solo, Piano)
07/08/12: Here is the official pro-shot of "Independence Day" which was a tour debut on July 4, 2012 in Paris, France. Video is below!
07/05/12: An amazing two nights in Paris, France! Celebrating the fourth of July and an epic night two with the first six songs not from the new album. That's right the first new song of the night was "We Take Care of Our Own" in the number seven spot. Looks like Bruce is getting ready to do a overhaul of the setlist night after night. I guess we'll have to wait to find out if this is the new trend or just something "special." Highlights from night two included the solo debut of "For You." One of my personal favorite songs got played as well in "Incident on 57th Street." Overall, I think most people will be jealous of the second night as in my book, owns the best show of the tour award so far. Keep it going Bruce!
07/02/12: Happy Birthday to "Professor" Roy Bittan who turns 63 today!

June 2012

06/29/12: Yesterday, it was announced that Bruce Springsteen won the Music Cares award for 2013 and will be honored at next years Grammy awards. The President of Music Cares had this to say about Bruce and his career: "His career is a testament to the power of creative excellence, and his contributions as a philanthropist speak to the tenacity of the human spirit."

06/26/12: If you like to keep track where Bruce is when he is off this news update is for you. Yesterday, June 25, Bruce was spotted in New Jersey's Monmouth Mall. The band's next tour date isn't until July 4th when they hit Paris, so they have some time to kill.
06/20/12: Great show yesterday with the debuts of "Fire" and "Growin' Up." This was the first arena show in Europe of the Wrecking Ball Tour and it was a good one. It seems as if Bruce and the band are playing more and more older stuff, could this be a warm up for the second U.S. leg? Or could it be that European crowds are a tad crazier than U.S. crowds. By saying "crazier" I mean that it seems that they are more into the show, jumping and singing the melody out loud. Granted, U.S. crowds do that as well but not as much as in Europe. 
06/17/12: We have a new record for this tour and a record for one of the longest shows in E Street Band history. Tonight's show ran 3 hours and 48 minutes which is the longest this tour and one of the longest ever! Madrid got a 32 song setlist with one tour debut in "Spanish Eyes" which was played for the first time by E Street on tour. Check out the full setlist on the setlist page! 
06/15/12: Bruce INC. released a new "moderen version" of the Rocky Ground music video. The tempo has changed a bit but the words remain the same. Check out the video on his website!
06/12/12: The Band was in Trieste, Italy yesterday and it seems that the band is in a "give it all you got" mode with another 29 song setlist. No tour debuts but a great show to say the least. Check out the setlist!
06/10/12: Tonight the band and their fans really showed how much they cared. Bruce and the band wrapped up a 30 song set in a down pour the entire night, however, that did not stop the band or the crazy Italy fans. Great show tonight as there were two tour debuts in "Be True" and there was a request for "Burning Love" which is a cover. Also, "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" seems to not be the closer anymore as this is the third straight show without it closing. The setlist is evolving night after night and it looks to keep getting better. 
06/08/12: Bruce played an amazing 33 song setlist last night in the first 2012 Italy show! No tour debuts however, "The Promise," was played by Bruce on just the piano and no band. This was a first on the tour. Second time in general that "The Promise" has been played.
06/07/12: Want to get the latest Wrecking Ball tour stats? There is now a page designed just for that! Click on the "Wrecking Ball Tour Stats" page on the left hand side and click the link.
06/06/12: Just read an interesting article that shows that 22% of Americans would like Bruce to write a new national anthem for the United States of America. Bruce led the way with 22%, however, Dolly Parton came in second with a close 19% and third was Stevie Wonder with 18%. Check out the full TIME article here:
06/04/12: Bruce just finished up his set for the Rock in Rio festival and for the first time we have a closer other than "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out." This closer is a stadium breaker as Bruce would put it in "Twist and Shout." Check out the full setlist on the setlist page!

May 2012

05/31/12: Bruce yesterday pulled out a rare cover in "When I Leave Berlin." Of course, the band was in Berlin so it made sense to pull this song out of the bag. 

05/28/12: Today Bruce and the band played the Pinkpop festival and played a 23 song setlist with two tour debuts. One of which was "I'm on Fire" and the other being a cover of "96 Tears."
05/25/12: What a show in Frankfurt, Germany! The show lasted about 3 hours and 20 minutes! By far the longest show of the tour so far along with 30 songs! Three tour debuts in "Summer Time Blues, Cadillac Ranch, and Sherry Darling!" Check out the full 30 song setlist on the setlist page! You will not be dissapointed.
05/20/12: Our out most condolences go out to Little Stevie this week for the passing of his mother.
05/19/12: Bruce and the band have added a second Fenway Park show due to "overwhelming demand" on August 15th!  Tickets go on sale June 2 at 10:00 AM at LiveNation.
05/17/12: 1978...Bruce and the band played the 1978 version of "Prove it all Night!" That is absolutley incredbile! On top of if that was not enough, the first Barcelona crowd was treated to a 29 song setlist! One of which had two tour debuts in "You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)" and "Hungry Heart." This was the first show in which the "Apollo Medley" was not played. The crazy thing is that this was night one and usually this would be a night two setlist. Imagine what tomorrow will bring...
05/16/12: Bruce and the band played another fantastic show the other night in Las Palmas, Spain with four tour debuts! "Working on the Highway" made its debut and was sound checked before the show. Another crowd favortie and a song that made its 2012 debut was "The River." One of the bigger surprises throughout the night was "Born in the U.S.A." being played before the encores! I thought this would come in Paris when he is there on July 4th but it decided to bust out a little early! Barcelona has two shows coming up!
05/13/12: Bruce and the band played thier first European show earlier today and it was a spectacular setlist. 27 songs with 1 tour debut with "I'm Goin' Down." Bruce said the other day that he likes playing in Spain due to its hot weather and crazy fans and atmoshphere. The stage was actually set up at half field at the stadium. It was not a full stadium show, only half the stadium and the show still did not sell out. The really tough economic times in Spain is to balme for the low ticket sales. Bruce however, did not seem to care as he and the band left everything on the stage as they do every night. Check out the full setlist on the setlist page!
05/12/12: Bruce and the band just put on a "press only" rehearsal show! Check out the setlist on the setlist page!  It includes one song that has not been played this tour!
05/11/12: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band return to Fenway Park on August 14, 2012! The band played a historic show in 2003 and as of now will open up the second leg at the historic venue! Check out all tour dates under the tour dates page! 

05/03/12: WOW! That is pretty much all you can say about the setlist last night that Newark, NJ got. This was the last U.S. show until the summer when the band comes back for stadiums. There were some awesome tour debuts in "Bishop Danced" which was the first time played since 1973! It was sound checked in Philadelphia in 2009 but never played by E Street. Also, the saint came out in "It's Hard to be a Saint in the City." Also, Bruce did a cover of "The Weight." Overall, it has its run at the best setlist of the tour so far. Bruce did state: "This is a good building, good sound." Could the Boss be returning soon to "the rock" in Newark? 
05/02/12: Tonight is the last night of the first U.S. leg of the tour in Newrk, NJ! Should be in for an epic night!

April 2012

04/29/12: Bruce and the band played an early concert today around 5:30PM ET due to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. The show debuted 5 new songs, 4 of which were from Springsteen's 2006 tour with the Seeger Sessions. This was the first time in E Street Band history that the songs were played. Will hopefully get some videos and post them below soon! Overall a great show! Newark is the last stop on the North American first leg and is next! 
04/28/12: Folks that went into the arena last night in LA got a little treat for being an early camper. Bruce actually came out on stage with his family to give them a tour about an hour and a half before the show started. Bruce then grabbed his acoustic guitar and gave a few lucky people in the arena a solo version of "For You." That would have been a tour debut but was not played during the show (video below). However, two tour debuts made the actual set in "No Suurender" which was the opener and "Bobby Jean." Was another really good show and now it is on to New Orleans!
04/27/12: Bruce and the band played a pretty awesome show last night in LA. Two tour debuts came out for the first night in LA and they were "Something in the Night" and a cover of "California Sun." Round two is later tonight in LA so we should get a little shake up in the set. A personal note, I really like the three song in a row after "Jack of All Trades." The three songs that the band played in a row were: "Something in the Night, Candy's Room, and She's the One." That must have been killer to get all three of those songs in a row! Night two magic is in the air and it should be another killer night.
04/23/12: Bruce has added a second Chicago show at Wrigley Field! Show will be on September 8, 2012! Check out the tour dates page to see all the tour stops.
04/21/12: Philadelphia and Chicago shows are both on sale today! Good luck!
UPDATE: comcasttix (Philly tickets) is having some technical problems as of 11:10 AM. Keep trying, tickets are still available!
04/19/12: Ok, so pre-sales just happened today for the three NJ stadium shows and the two Philly shows in September. I was lucky enough to get amazing seats for the second Philadelphia show then I decided to head on over to the "devil" ticketmaster to see if I could get good seats. Not likely but you never know. I tried for the two best available and I didn't even get to see what tickets I would get. It kept flashing "your wait time is 11 minutes." It would then go down to 8 or 9 minutes then right back up to 11. I gave up. Lucky if you got some of those tickets. Most second U.S. leg shows go on sale this weekend or next week. Good luck if you're buying any!
04/18/12: Bruce just added a second Philadelphia show at Citizens Bank Park! Tickets to both shows on sale Saturday!
04/17/12: Bruce just finished up with his set in Cleveland. Two tour debuts in "My Love Will Not Let You Down" and "Light of Day." Show was just shy of the three hour mark. Overall a very good show tonight in Cleveland!
04/16/12: Bruce and E Street just wrapped up a kick ass night in Albany! Bruce pulled out three tour debuts for tonight's Albany crowd. "Darlington County" was the first song to come out for the first time in 2012. Intrestingly enough, I've seen the "pre-show" setlist for tonight's show in Albany and "Two Hearts" was suppose to be played right after "My City of Ruins" but was not played. Next up for the debut songs was "Downbound Train," which is a very under rated song in my opinion. The last and final song, by request, was the rare "Janey Don't You Lose Heart." This was played solo by Bruce, not with the band. That must have been pretty cool to see. The last time that was done (solo) was during the 2005 Devils and Dust tour. The last time Bruce played it solo during an E Street show? No one really knows. Stan Goldstein wrote that he believes the last time it was played solo during a band show was in 1993 with the "other band." Clearly it was a great night in Albany! Another final thought, "Sherry Darling" was on the setlist after "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out." It would have been another tour debut, but was not pulled out after the typical ending. We'll see what comes out tomorrow night in Cleveland! 
04/13/12: Two great shows back to back in Detroit and Buffalo! Detroit got my favorite in "Incident on 57th Street" which is today's video of the day. Tonight, Buffalo got three debut songs in "Rendezvous" as well as "Mountain of Love." These two debuts were played back to back. The other debut of the night was "Point Blank." All three of these songs were sound checked before the show started. Very good setlist tonight on the day the second leg was announced, or at least partially. Albany is up next!
04/13/12: Sound checked tonight in Buffalo: Rendezvous, Mountain of Love, Point Blank, Downbound Train.
04/13/12: Bruce Springsteen has announced his second North American leg! I have a feeling that more will come...very soon! Also he may add a few shows in the same cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago, especially if they sell out fast.
08/14: BOSTON, MA NEW            (FENWAY PARK)
08/15: BOSTON, MA NEW            (FENWAY PARK)
08/18: BOSTON, MA                      (GILLETTE STADIUM)
08/24: TORONTO, ON                    (ROGERS CENTRE)
08/26: MONCTON, NB                    (MAGNETIC HILL)
08/29: VERNON, NY                        (VERNON DOWNS RACEWAY)
09/07: CHICAGO, IL                         (WRIGLEY FIELD)
09/08: CHICAGO, IL NEW                (WRIGLEY FIELD)
09/14: WASHINGTON, DC               (NATIONALS PARK)

04/12/12: Wow, what a night in Detroit! This may have been for me so far the best setlist of the tour. Only two debuts on the tour but Detroit got my favorite..."INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET." That was a very nice surprise I'm sure for Detroit. The other debut song was "Youngstown." Bruce didn't stay with "Badlands" as the opener as "We Take Care of Our Own" took back over for the top spot. Overall, looks like it was a fantastic night in Michigan. Be sure to check out the full setlist on the "Setlists" page! 

04/09/12: That's it for New York! The band just wrapped up a two night stand with the city that never sleeps over the course of 4 days. I have to say, I was expecting a lot more out of tonight's set. It's not that I am dissapointed with the set, it is a good set, I just expected songs like "Incident on 57th Street." New York's second show only got two new song debut's in "Backstreets" and "Spirit in the Night." Michigan is up next on the tour! I'm sure this won't be the last 2012 show in New York, cough cough.

04/06/12: Looks like Bruce is shaking up the setlist night after night Tonight, Bruce brought out a personal favorite of mine in "Lion's Den" and "Murder Inc." Lion's Den probably sounded increible with the horns. According to Stan Goldstein "American Skin" was an audible during the night and "Shackled and Drawn" may have been another audible during the first New York show. Overall, setlist was solid and night two should bring many more surprises! 

04/04/12: Great night two in NJ! "Ramrod" and "Candy's Room" made appearences, both I wanted to see in Philly! Total of 5 songs made their debut tonight. Next up is New York!
04/04/12: Night one in Jersey turned out to be a lot like night one in Philadelphia...only one tour premiere, however, it was still a great setlist! Night two should bring some surprises!
04/01/12: What a show D.C. got tonight! It was also the first three hour show of the tour! Jersey your up next! Highlight of the night was the tour debut of "The Promise."

March 2012

03/30/12: Here is my very late review of last nights Springsteen concert in Philadelphia. Simply put, it was incredible. I was sitting with my relatives getting ready for the show to start around 8:10 and the guy next to me stated the songs that the band had rehearsed before the show. He told me that the band had rehearsed: Trapped, Kitty's Back, Streets of Fire, You've Got It and Santa Anna. After he said that, I knew it was going to be an incredible night for the second Philly show. The show started at 8:23 I believe and kicked off again with "We Take Care of Our Own." That is a very powerful opener and one that will probably remain the opener, at least through the U.S. first leg. The first tour premiere of the night was "Night." I loved that song in the number three spot. The highlight of the night for me was "Trapped" which was another tour premiere. I have never heard Trapped and I was blown away. The guy next to me gave me a big high five when the first notes came out of the speakers. The fans seemed to be a lot more into the second night rather than the first night, but you never really can tell. Bruce for the first time on the tour dropped "Land of Hope and Dreams" for "Kitty's Back" which is a Philly favorite and which I predicted to be played that night. "Darkness on the Edge of Town" was a big surprsise to be heard although, surprisingly I didn't hear a loud ovation when it started to be played. "Streets of Philadelphia" was also played and was another tour debut song, which is a Philly reserve most of the time. Overall, I am very pleased with the second night and I am pondering if that was the best setlist in a show that I've seen. I'm debating between last night and October 20, 2009 in which Bruce closed the Philadelphia Spectrum with a 31 song setlist. I'm still not sure which one was better. Overall, the show was absolutley amazing and gets a very solid 10 out of 10! Bruce yelled one of my favorite parts of the night "We'll be back!"
03/28/12: "It's good to be back in the City of Brotherly Love." Here is my review of the first night in Philadelphia. Before the show, I figured that there would not be as many surprises or tour premieres tonight as there would be on night number two. With that said, I kind of knew the setlist that was going to be played but figured there would be a "wower "in their. The show started off with the usual We Take Care of Our Own, which by the way sounds awesome live. The only surprise of the night was "Seaside Bar Song." I went crazy when I heard Roy start the keyboards. I was not even close to expecting that song would appear. It is a very rare song and it looks like you can add that rare song to the rare Philly list beecause he played it only once before in 2009 and before that he only played it in 1978 I believe. That was awesome. The rest of the show was the standard static setlist with no premieres in there. However, tomorrow night, oh tomorrow night, I'm expecting several tour premieres. I can almost gaurentee that he will play the Philly favortie "Kitty's Back." Overall the band I thought sounded better than ever and the new songs were very good. The night though seemed a little toned down, not a ton of get up and move around songs. Tomrrow night, I expect a setlist that we haven't seen yet with a lot of premieres and "wowers." Only time will tell. I'll be in Philly tomorrow night so expect a full review coming the following day! (I expect myself to be very tired).
03/26/12: Not as many tour premieres tonight in Boston but it still was an excellent setlist. Philadelphia is up next and this is where I am predicting there will be several premieres on the tour. I will be at both shows, so I'm hoping my gut feeling is right!
03/23/12: Can you say the word "premiere?" Because tonight's show was full of them (seven in fact)! The show started at 8:24 PM and lasted until 11:12 Bruce and the band almost hit the three hour mark. As I stated in a previous post, I wanted the setlist to be mixed up and changed a little bit. That's exactly what Tampa got tonight! Hopefully this change continues. Some notes on the show: I was upset that Shackled and Drawn was taken out of the set as I think it sounds great live, American Land chopped again, Waiting on a Sunny Day is getting on my nerves, and Prove it all night was played! Overall, this was a great show on paper...but probably even better in person. I will be going to the Philadelphia shows next week (Wed and Thurs) and I'll be sure to give my thoughts on the shows and seeing the songs performed live in concert. Highlight of the night had to have been "Talk To Me." 

03/19/12: Greensboro's 2012 show got pretty much the same show as Atlanta the night before. With the exceptions that "Rosalita" and "Because the Night" made thier tour debuts. Again...this is probably to get the horns in the groove of the tour. Hopefully Bruce mixes it up a little more in the upcoming shows. Personally, I didn't pay $200 to see the same show two nights in a row. Either way, it's the Boss and you can't get enough Springsteen concerts. I just want to see a mixed up setlist and not know what is coming up next. Speaking of up next...TAMPA! (The show lasted 2 hours and 43 minutes.)
03/18/12: The first official show of the tour is over! The show clocked in at 2 hours and 35 minutes. Bruce and the band played 23 songs in total and five new premieres on the tour. The five new songs to make an appearence on the tour were: Born to Run, Easy Money, American Land, Dancing and in the Dark, and Lonesome Day. No sign requests were taken...maybe people forgot or Bruce wanted to stick to setlist. I've seen ony one picture with one sign being held up. I think Bruce wants the horns to get to know the songs and to feel comfortable on stage before throwing curve balls. Check out the setlist on the side of the page! Just simply click the setlist link!
03/18/12: LIGHTS OUT AT 8:10 PM IN ATLANTA! (Want to buy a Springsteen 2012 tour shirt at the shows? $45. Hat: $32. Keychain: $10. You can also buy tour apparel on's store.)
03/17/12: The 2012 tour officially kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta! My guess is that the show will range from 22-25 songs played, most being from "Wrecking Ball." I can see at least 5 songs being played from the new #1 album. Overall, I think it will take a few shows to get some rare songs in. Most likely around the Philadelphia shows (which I'm going to both of). Bruce has a special place for Philadelphia, so I can see a very good setlist coming out of the Philly shows along with the NJ shows. Overall, I am absolutley pumped for this tour. One song I wish he would cut from the setlist is "Waiting on a Sunny Day." It just seems that the band plays this song way too much and overkills it a little bit. But, I'm sure Bruce will keep playing it and I hope not to hear "Working on a Dream" on this tour. It kind of killed the crowd. We'll find out tomorrow night and the setlist should be up on this page on Monday morning/afternoon! So check back! I'll also provide my thoughts on the setlist in the news section!
03/15/12: Bruce Springsteen delivered his SXSW keynote address today and reports are that it was an excellent speech. I only saw about the first 10 minutes of it and it was classic Bruce, laughing and smiling when talking. He did seem to curse quite a few times in that short period of time. Bruce and the band will play a concert tonight so look for the setlist on the side of the page, just click the link!
03/12/12: Bruce and the band had rehearsals today in Asbury Park, NJ at the Convention Hall.
03/11/12: We are officially one week away from the official tour opener in Atlanta, GA! Is there anybody alive out there!? Expect this tour to have a heavy number of 'Wrecking Ball' songs as all of them will probably be played throughout the tour. This tour could be one of the best and that's hard to say without The Big Man and Danny, however, the band sounded so good the other night...I have high hopes!
03/09/12: For this weekend only, go to to get an exclusive video performance of Death to My Hometown from tonight's show!
03/09/12: The show is over! What a performance! Bruce and the band put on an amazing performance with an amazing setlist. The band played for about 2 hours and 10 minutes. If you look at the set, Bruce played 8 out of 11 off the new album. Rocky Ground by far was the best of the night. That was one hell of a performance. The setlist was great although I sure hope that the actual concerts on the tour are a little longer. I'm sure they will be but still I sure hope so. Either way, the show was amazing. Sockingly he didn't play Born to Run. The horns throughout the night were incredible. Great on both the new songs and the old songs. A huge highlight was during My City of Ruins with the horns opening the song. This was where Bruce preached and did a "roll call" of the band members. After he called them all out, he said "Are we missing anybody?" The crowd got very loud and got on their feet. This of course was referring to Clarence and Danny. He then said: "If you're here and we're here, then they're here!" Again, referring to Danny and Clarence. Class act by Bruce. During this time on twitter, My City of Ruins was trending in the United States and worldwide! Shows how many people were listening tonight. The E Street Shuffle was expected after the great Jimmy Fallon performance. This may be a staple on the tour as the horns sounded amazing and great! Also, Bruce did a Smokey Robinson cover and then proceeded to climb into the second balcony in the Apollo! That must have been incredible for the people at the show. We Are Alive also made it into the setlist, I did not like the song on the album but it was very good in the live show. Thunder Road sounded excellent although I thought for sure it would close the show but it didn't. It sounded great. The band played Land of Hope and Dreams as the Wrecking Ball version. Not the old 1999-2009 version. New version is amazing and better than the older version. Then, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, "They made that change up town and the big man joined the band." This is where the band stopped and Bruce just sung that lyric by himself in complete silence. The crowd went crazy for about a full minute then the band kicked back in. The show was amazing! The show ended at exactly 10:30 PM ET which ran about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
03/09/12: Don't forget that the first real concert is tonight on Sirius XM radio! Tune in at 8 PM (ET) to listen live to the band play their first show of 2012 on E STREET RADIO. There will be a pre-concert event starting at 6PM on E STREET RADIO as well. I will update the setlist during/when the event is over!
03/06/12: Happy Wrecking Ball Day!!!!
03/05/12: Bruce Springsteen's new album hits store shelves tomorrow. However, I'm ready to give it my review. Simply put, this is what Working on A dream should have been. Personally I think it is one of Springsteen's best albums lyrically speaking. The opening track "We Take Care of Our Own" is a great opener for the album and is one of the best on the record. The album seems to be just like what the early reviews have said, it's Bruce's darkest album he has ever made. Most of the album hints towards the Seger Sessions and not so much an E Street feel. Overall the album is great for any new Springsteen fans and his die hard fans may like and may not. I'll break down song by song and give them a rating:
  • We Take Care of Our Own: (4.5/5)
  • Easy Money: (4/5)
  • Shackled and Drawn: (4/5)
  • Jack of All Trades: (4/5)
  • Death to My Hometown: (4/5)
  • This Depression: (3/5)
  • Wrecking Ball: (4/5)
  • You've Got It: (3/5)
  • Rocky Ground: (4/5)
  • Land of Hopes and Dreams: (4/5)
  • We Are Alive: (2.5/5)
  • Swallowed Up (BONUS TRACK): (3/5)
  • American Land (BONUS TRACK): (4/5)
  • ALBUM GRADE: 4/5
03/05/12: Bruce Springsteen's stage has been photographed in Trenton, NJ at the Sun National Bank Center! Rehearsals soon?! Or maybe they already occured. Don't forget the special NY concert is in only four days!
03/02/12: Tonight is an all Bruce night on Jimmy Fallon's late night television show! Bruce and the Band will be playing three songs. The songs will be:
  • Death to My Hometown
  • Jack of All Trades
  • The E Street Shuffle
03/01/12: Are you ready for some E Street March Madness? The tour kicks off this month in 17 days in Atlanta! We are only 8 days from the "rehearsal" show in New York's Sirius XM concert. Keep in mind that Sirius XM subscribers can listen to the broadcast live! I will upload the setlist on the bottom of the page (under the blue line).

February 2012

02/29/12: SXSW will be broadcasted live.
02/28/12: Bruce Springsteen as we know is delivering the keynote address at SXSW on March 15th in Austin, TX. Turns out that's not the only thing the Boss has up his sleeve, Bruce and The E Street Band will play live at the event. Won't be a 30 song setlist but will be a show. We are heading into March which is the month the tour shall begin!
02/28/12: Jimmy Fallon setlist for night #1:
  • We Take Care of Our Own
  • Wrecking Ball
02/27/12: Bruce and the band will be playing in about an hour or so on NBC. One video is already on Jimmy Fallon's website. Bruce and the band will play two songs tonight and we now know one will be "Wrecking Ball." My review is pretty good. Bruce really gets into it. Looks like this could be a tour staple although, we probably already knew that...TUNE IN AT 12:35AM
02/25/12: Bruce Springsteen Week on Jimmy Fallon! Starting on February 27, it will be Bruce Springsteen week on the Jimmy Fallon late night show. With performances from special guests once every night from Febraury 27-March 2. This includes two nights with Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. The two nights Bruce and the band will be playing are Monday February 27 and then returning on, Friday March 2. Looks like I'm staying up late.
02/21/12: I have listened to all the new eleven new "Wrecking Ball" tracks and I must say I am impressed. The album has to be one of Bruce's best lyrically. The sound doesn't remind me of E Street but it is definatley not bad. It reminds me more of the Seeger Sessions more than anything. But with an E Street Band twist. The sound is fresh and really good. I love this album so far. I have kept repeating the album over and over and it's growing on me very fast. I think this is what Working on A Dream should have been.
 02/20/12: Now the whole album has been least the first 11 new tracks.
02/20/12: Yeah, remember this album wasn't suppose to leak anything? That didn't happen. Today, we got a taste of three new songs from the new album. "Easy Money" was played on as part of the single a day promotion. But..."Jack of All Trades" and "Shackled and Drawn" are already on YouTube! Reason may be because they are the next singles due out tomorrow and Wednesday, but who knows? Waiting to see if the uploader has anymore up his sleeve. But until then, enjoy!
02/20/12: Head on over to where you can listen to the next single off "Wrecking Ball." The new song released today is Easy Money. Every weekday, a new song will come out on the internet. Full Schedule is below!
  • Today: "Easy Money" here on
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21: "Shackled and Drawn"
  • Wednesday, Feb 22: "Jack of All Trades"
  • Thursday, Feb. 23: "Death to My Hometown"
  • Friday, Feb. 24: "This Depression"
  • Monday, Feb. 27: "Wrecking Ball"
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28: "You've Got It"
  • Wednesday, Feb. 29: "Rocky Ground"
  • Thursday, March 1: "Land of Hope and Dreams"
  • Friday, March 2: "We Are Alive"
02/18/12: Two new Bruce Springsteen songs have been played today on Philadelphia's 88.5 radio station. The two songs that were played were: Land of Hope and Dreams and Easy Money.
02/17/12: Get ready to hear all the"Wrecking Ball" songs in full early! E Street Radio will be playing all the songs, one each day, starting on February 20th. Get ready, here comes the wrecking ball!
02/17/12: Today was the oficial opening of Bruce Springsteen's "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land" exhibit in Philadelphia. The exhibit will run from now until September at the Philadelphia National Constitution Center. I will for sure be checking this out as I live 25 minutes from Philly. People who got to go in early, say that the exhibit is pretty much for anyone who enjoys Springsteen's music. It also has a few more items in Philadelphia than what they had in Cleveland a few months back. Be sure to check it out!
02/17/12: Bruce Springsteen was over in Europe to host a "Wrecking Ball" listening party. The first question that came to my mind was why Europe? But anyway, the few lucky people got to listen to the entire album and hear the stories behind Springsteen's writing of them. You can watch a video of clips from the event on and hear snippets of new songs!
02/12/12: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band opend the Grammy's with: We Take Care of Our Own. Amazing performance! Video is below!

02/11/12: Bruce Springsteen will open the Grammy's at 8PM (ET) sharp tomorrow. Bruce and the band have been rehearsing at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be playing the new single: "We Take Care of Our Own." Which Springsteen has released a new music video for on his website. This will be the first look at E Street since the 2009 tour.
02/09/12: Today is a big day for the Springsteen tour, as Bruce Springsteen announced who will be replacing Clarence Clemmons. It will not be a single person after all. The E Street Band will welcome 5 new band members including Clarence Clemmon's nephew who will be playing saxaphone. Here is the statement:
"The expanded lineup for this Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour features singers Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King, trombonist Clark Gayton and trumpeter Curt Ramm, all of whom have toured with Bruce Springsteen in the past, along with newcomer Barry Danielian on trumpet. E Street stalwart Eddie Manion and first time tour member Jake Clemons will share the saxophone role. "
02/06/12: Steve Van Zandt was in yet another interview and he released some interesting insight on the band: "We just started rehearsing, so all this stuff's going to be discussed and figured out over the next couple weeks, and we'll see. We'll see exactly what those answers are. Does the essential sound change? How does it change? How do you compensate for that, and all those kind of questions, I think, will be explored over the next couple of weeks."
02/04/12: It's official, all US tour dates are on sale, that is if there are any left. Most east coast shows are already sold out! If you didn't get tickets to the show you wanted too, don't fret. Sometimes, especially with Springsteen, tickets drop later on. Best of luck if you are searching for tickets!
02/03/12: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have added a second Los Angeles show! The second show will take place the night after the first, 04/27!
02/02/12: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band will play the Grammy's! That's right, it looks like we will be getting our first peak into the band on February 12th. The Grammy's start at 8PM (ET). Bruce is nomintaed for the best box set in the Grammy's this year, so I'm thinking Because the Night will be played, but who knows?
02/01/12: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play a special show on March the 9th at the Apollo Theater in New York! This is part of a special promotion celebrating the 10 years of E Street Radio! Good luck trying to get a ticket as tickets won't be made public. But you can visit to register to win tickets, if of course you are subscribed to Sirius radio. But there is a catch, you had to have been a subscriber before January 24th. So you can not register now and get a chance to win. But there is good news, Sirius will be streaming the concert live in real time! So either way, if you have Sirius you will be able to hear the show live!